INTJ Music Playlist 4: Evil Mastermind


INTJ Music Playlist 4: Evil Mastermind

INTJ October Music Playlist 4: Evil Mastermind

INTJs are often portrayed as villains in popular media. Although we INTJs feel misunderstood because of this, it’s easy to see why others might not appreciate our cognition style. INTJ future sight and planning, combined with a decision-making rationale that eliminates unnecessary sentimentality, makes the INTJ well suited to carry

Subtleween Contest Announcement and Rules

CONTEST OVER Hi, Uttori Dangels. Happy October! Earlier this week, I mentioned that there would be some changes to the blog come October, so as it is the 1st, get ready for some fun! First, what is Subtleween? Subtleween {suhtˈl-ween] | Origin: 2016, Always Uttori Adjective; noun A holiday celebrated

Chanel Ribbon Choker D-I-Y. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

DIY Trend: Chanel Choker 2 Ways

I’m not that crafty, but I can work a tube of glue. As chokers are on trend right now, and I needed one to complete the off-the-shoulder look featured on  Monday’s fashion look. I decided to try making my own. Nothing could be more simple. Although chokers are not expensive,

INTJ Music Playlist

INTJ Playlist 3: Study and Concentration

It’s back to school time! Even if you’re not in school, sometimes, you just want to work, work, work, work, work… So this month’s INTJ playlist is one you can listen to when you need to focus, but want some non-distracting background noise. Click here for the full playlist, or

INTJ Music Playlist

August INTJ Music Playlist 2: Classically Intriguing

August INTJ Music Playlist 2: Classically Intriguing Ready for a new INTJ music Playlist? I’m sharing five songs that I listen to when I want to get swept away by the music. The summer has been pretty hectic, so it will be nice to unwind a bit before the fall and football

2 INTJs Play Video Games

2 INTJs Play Video Games

I’m a data geek. I love to collect information about, well, anything. So, for purely academic reasons, I googled INTJs and video games. The results were both surprising and humorous with search results including: “Are video games INTJ Kryptonite?” And, “My INTJ boyfriend never goes out (he wants to play

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