Which Design Style Should You Try Based on Your Enneagram?

ApartmentGuide recently invited me to share my thoughts on interior styles and how they correspond to enneagram personalities. For those curious about how different Enneagram types might inspire distinct interior styles, I encourage you to explore the linked article for a comprehensive overview.

Check out the recent ApartmentGuide article we were featured in:

The Enneagram is a system that sorts people into nine personality types based on their core motivations and fears. It helps us understand ourselves and others better by showing how we perceive and react to the world. Unlike other personality tests, it recognizes that we can show traits from different types depending on the situation.

Understanding the Enneagram helps us grasp how personality influences our preferences and behaviors, even in design. By aligning interior design choices with our Enneagram types, we create spaces that reflect our authentic selves. The ApartmentGuide article, Which Design Style You Should Try, Based on Your Enneagram, explores expert opinions on what each type needs for spaces to feel like home and what design concept correlates with those needs.

Read the full article here: Which Design Style You Should Try, Based on Your Enneagram | ApartmentGuide

Thoughts of an Enneagram Type 5

I had fun thinking about the topic, especially from the perspective of an Enneagram Type 5 like myself. Selecting a design style is often a nuanced process for any individual, and particularly difficult for me, given my appreciation for a variety of design styles. Any space, when thoughtfully designed, holds its own beauty, transcending subjective preferences. So, when thinking about what really would appeal to a type 5 Enneagram, I went with the styles I gravitate towards more often.

Because Enneagram Type 5 are cerebral and live much of their lives inside their own minds, determining interior styles that match their inner worlds can be difficult. For that reason, I went with Industrial and Brutalism as representations of the Type 5’s personality. The no-frills efficiency of industrial and brutalism styles, which emphasize the natural beauty of raw materials and exposed interiors, is exemplary of the 5’s love of practicality and simplicity. The Minimalist aesthetic is also appealing to this Enneagram type, especially given that Minimalism works well with the other aesthetics. The styles have similar design expressions.

Type 5’s also have a strong sense of curiosity and creativity, so sticking to a sterile minimalist styles can become boring, which is why more eclectic styles like Bohemian, or modern Victorian, can be a surprisingly appealing. These interior styles introduce color, whimsy, and individuality and speak more to the inner working of a Type 5.

I’d like to hear your thoughts. Do you, as a Type 5 Enneagram, find other styles that speak to you? And don’t forget to explore the article for insights into the preferred interior styles of other Enneagram types, as shared by a range of experts in the field.

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