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I have been meaning to do a post that answers a few frequently asked questions for some time now.  This is a post that I will try to update periodically, but I just wanted to get a few of the questions that we’ve received answered. I’ll start with five, and add-on as I have time. These are some of the older questions.

  1.  Why Do People Dislike INTJ Females?
    1. That’s a loaded question. I’m biased, of course. I know a few INTJ females, and I can’t think of one that I dislike. The thing about INTJs females that can be off-putting to some is that we don’t necessarily do well with small talk. We’re introverted intuitives. That means that we love to talk about conceptual things, futuristic concepts, world-changing ideas. We’re all over that. If you want to talk about what the Kardasians ate for breakfast, I won’t judge, but you should probably take that convo somewhere else because INTJs are pretty good at showing when they’re not interested.  This seeming lack of interest in the minutiae of certain aspects of popular culture can come across as rude.
  2. How Do I Develop My Intuition as an INTJ Female?
    1. I am a great believe in INTJs developing their intuition by feeding their cognitive state.
      1. Read, Read, Read
      2. Take time to think deeply and broadly about topics that you care about. Air your ideas with someone you trust. This allows  you to test your theories.
      3. Don’t just feed your intuition, use it. When you use your intuition, when you make choices based on your inner voice, this allows you to refine and strengthen your intuition.
  3. Are INTJ Females Virgins?
    1. Let’s just be honest. That’s a weird question. I would even say it’s a rude question. I don’t typically go around asking other INTJs about their private lives. What I would say is that INTJs tend to be remarkably standoffish, but they’re also remarkably loving (to those they love). If you want to know about a specific INTJ, you should probably wait until you’ve known them for a few years, and have developed the kind of trust with them that is reserved for a lover, family member, or a priest.
    2. There was also a question about the INTJ Heart, but it wasn’t well-defined. I’ll guess at the question’s intent. INTJs do have hearts. We keep them buried  in  inferi-inhabited lakes, located deep in a mountain cavern.
  4. Leggings and Swimsuits
    1. That’s not really a question, but someone keeps asking it – at least the leggings question. So, I’m not a big leggings person. I don’t know if you will ever see a pair on me. If you do, it will probably be for cozy couture, but not this year.  I do think that if you wear leggings, which are very popular in Minnesota, you should make sure you wear a top that is long enough to cover your butt. As for doing a fashion editorial for swimsuits, I doubt it, but never say never.
  5. What’s the Difference Between MBTI and Enneagram?
    1. I’ve done an article on the Enneagram, which is a great in-depth personality science tool. Read it HERE.
    2. Want to know about 5 Factor? Read it Here.
  6. How Can I Make an INTJ Female Fall Head Over Heels?
    1. Lol. That’s an awkward position for her to be in when you declare your love. However, if you want to sweep an INTJ female off her feet, that’s probably not going to happen. Human mating is a matter of several complicated factors including culture, economics, education, and biology. Throw in the INTJ female’s tendency to not use emotion as a factor in decision-making (other than fear, we all have lizard brains when threatened), a male suitor can have a bit more difficulty in wooing his beloved. To answer the question, I’ll ask a few questions of my own. 1. How often do you interact with the INTJ female? Frequently? Infrequently? Or, does she not even know you’re alive? 2. Does she like you at all? If you’re good friends, then you’re doing something right, and your next step is about making her heart open up to you in a romantic way. In Korean dramas they call it “making her see you as a man,” or a partner (in more modern parlance). If you’ve progressed that far, I would say to really pay attention to her response when you touch her shoulder, hug her a bit longer than normal, hold her hand to show her something. In the age of #MeToo and #TimesUp, you should be very careful about entering any woman’s personal space. But if you are close friends, you’ve probably already shared some skinship. Up the level of skinship, by that I mean innocent touches that show caring intent, and if she responds positively by smiling at you and returning the affection, broach the topic of dating. If she pulls away, then save your ego and respect her non-verbal rejection.  Look, I’m no psychologist, nor am I an expert at dating. The advice you’re getting is based on common sense, and my observation of others and the difficulties they’ve had in their relationships. If you’re interested in reading more about my thoughts on loving the INTJ girl, check out THIS ARTICLE: Loving the INTJ GIRL from February 2017. Or THIS ARTICLE: Loving the Guarded Girl, and then there’s This Article: Loving the Independent Girl. Hope it helps. Good luck, no matter what the outcome.
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