Uttori Life Magazine q1
Uttori Life Magazine q1

Exciting News: Our Quarter 1 Magazine is Here!

We’re excited to share that the latest edition of Uttori Life Magazine is now ready. This edition is full of 2024’s most anticipated fashion and lifestyle trends:

Which Design Style Should You Try Based on Your Enneagram?

ApartmentGuide recently invited me to share my thoughts on interior styles and how they correspond to enneagram personalities. For those curious about how different Enneagram types might inspire distinct interior styles…

A french cookie flight, always uttori presents pistachio madeleine, langues de chat with lavender white chocolate ganache, sable with lavender and sage infused sugar, and lavender and sage tea

Make A French Cookie Flight for the Holidays

Today we’re making a French cookie flight as well as some lovely sage and lavender tea. Cookies include: pistachio madeleine, langues de chat with lavender white chocolate ganache, and sable with lavender and sage infused sugar.

Always Uttori 7 French Provincial Christmas DIYs

7 French Provincial Christmas DIYs You Need to Make Today

We’re getting ready for the holiday season with 7 French Provincial inspired Christmas DIYs. Back in July we presented four Always Uttori color stories with corresponding aesthetics. Today we’re covering DIYs inspired by the Lavender and Seafoam green color story we shared in that article/video.

A French Provincial Christmas, Girl holding a basket of ornaments in front of a Christmas table

How to Decorate For A French Provincial Christmas

The first Christmas theme is a French provincial or old world Christmas with a lavender and seafoam green color story.

Always Uttori Lemon Ice Cream

Uttori Eats: How to Make Lemon Granita, Lemon Ice Cream, and Indulgent Lemon Meringue Sundae

Today I’m sharing three decadent end of summer treats that are sure to help you beat the heat!
We’re starting with a sweet and smooth lemon granita, followed by a rich and creamy lemon ice cream, and then we’re going to top it all off with an indulgent, but oh so worth it lemon meringue ice cream sundae.

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