INTJ Music Playlist 4: Evil Mastermind

INTJ October Music Playlist 4: Evil Mastermind

INTJs are often portrayed as villains in popular media. Although we INTJs feel misunderstood because of this, it’s easy to see why others might not appreciate our cognition style. INTJ future sight and planning, combined with a decision-making rationale that eliminates unnecessary sentimentality, makes the INTJ well suited to carry out all sorts of seemingly insensitive, but rational, choices. So, we’re stuck with being the bad guys. Whether INTJs possess evil intent in real life is a different question. Still, in the spirit of Halloween, why not celebrate the fun of being just a little bit bad? Even though we know that the good guys always win in the end, Always Uttori presents our Evil Mastermind Playlist, because even bad needs good inspiration.

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Black Widow (Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora)

Listener discretion advised on this one for swearing and suggestive themes. Anyway, black widows are known to kill their mates. “And now I’m going to show you what’s really crazy, you should have known better than to mess with me harder.” Enough said. If you want to love an INTJ female, remember their take no prisoner nature.

Want You Gone (Portal Jonathan Coulton)

From the video game Portal 2. GLaDOS, the artificial intelligence and the villain in the game, represents the INTJ mindset quite well with sarcasm — or are these just honest truths?

Perfect Enemy (T.A.T.U)

Every evil mastermind has that pesky hero trying to get one over them. Let’s just stay perfect enemies.

Lights Out (Breaking Benjamin)

Evil masterminds just can’t afford to care. There’s no way that hero is getting the better of you.

Control (Halsey)

A few swearwords in this one too. When evil masterminding, INTJs can get quite intense, and may even be well acquainted with the villain living in their own heads!

Viva la Vida (Coldplay)

Sometimes your mastermind plots don’t work out. Rather than wallowing in the bitterness of defeat, remember what you used to be. It’s the only way to rise from the ashes, and to retake your kingdom. Don’t know why you’d want to, but choosing to rule the world, that’s your business.

Listen to the full playlist here.

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