January INTJ Challenge: Let’s Get Real!

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We began this month with an exploration of newly emerging identity frameworks and how they might be used as a starting place for the annual practice of goal-setting. Identity frameworks, such as MBTI, Enneagram, Five Factor, and others are a good starting point for us to imagine the path we’d like our lives to take.

INTJ Mastermind | Viable Identities, pt. 2

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Identity. What is it? How is it defined? Does the definition have enough clarity to be used as a constant that can bridge a wide variety of situations? Some say no. There are many in the social sciences who believe that a person’s identity cannot operate independently from a social context – even a hermit is a hermit because he rejects society – so changes in social structures lead to changes in the definition of identity, thereby making a clear and consistent definition of identity impossible.

INTJ Mastermind: Quantifying You

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INTJ Mastermind: Quantifying You: Don’t you dread January and all the talk about a new year, a new you? While the practice of making resolutions is a centuries old tradition – cultures as far back as the Babylonians made resolutions—in this present time, we know that resolution-making tends to be an exercise in futility . . .

INTJ Mastermind: Enemies of the States – Cognitive State

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INTJ Mastermind: Enemies of the States, Cognitive State In our theory of states for the mastermind, we provided a general definition of each of the states – cognitive state, psychological state, and mental state (read the first post here). Mental states. We all have them. Maybe a good metaphor for mental states is that they are like rooms that house … Read More

MBTI and the Five Factors of Personality

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Intro A few weeks ago, we talked about the Enneagram test, a personality test that complements the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators quite well. Today, we are going to talk about another measure of personality, the Five Factors of Personality (also known as Big Five). There are many similarities between MBTI and the Five Factors of Personality. This article gives you a … Read More