Subtleween: Olivia Pope (Scandal) Costume INTJ Fashion Blogger, I'mari Avey wears an Olivia Pope costume for Subtleween 2016. Standing near building.

Far from a lady who lunches, Olivia Pope is a lady who fixes. INTJs are solution-driven. We are the ultimate fixers.

Happy Monday, October 3. Today, we’re kicking off our first ever Subtleween contest with the ultimate power broker costume —  Olivia Pope, from the American TV show, Scandal. Olivia, played by the phenomenal Kerry Washington, is one classy dresser and, as a fixer for the powerful and elite in Washington, D.C., she dresses both to impress and to display an image of power. The fashion on Scandal is so strong and authoritative, that in September of 2014, retailer, The Limited, launched an Olivia Pope inspired fashion line.

For those who like to type characters, Olivia isn’t an INTJ. She is most likely an ESTJ; however, her dominant use of extroverted thinking makes her a refreshing female character to see portrayed on television. Moreover, Her fashion style aligns well with the INTJ’s fashion aesthetic because she prefers, albeit pastel, neutrals. Her fashion is always classic and seamlessly appropriate. The wide leg pants and loose-fitting coats imply that Olivia likes to dress comfortably while maintaining her “white hat” persona.

Maybe it’s cheating a bit to choose a character that already dresses for the real world — although perhaps a little more fantastically than the rest of us — but that’s what makes our first Subtleween look easy and achievable. It’s a great look for work, especially if you have a tough meeting, interview, or presentation. Channel your inner Olivia to boost your confidence and mastermind your intended outcome.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Subtleween contest, see full rules here!

Oh, For Fashion’s Sake!

Jacket: Express

Shirt: East 5th

Pants: The Limited (but not from the Olivia Pope Line, I got these circa 2011)

Shoes: Donald J. Pliner

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey INTJ Fashion Blogger, I'mari Avey wears an Olivia Pope costume for Subtleween. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.

It doesn’t matter where business gets done – a park bench, or the halls of power. It’s all the same to the INTJ. INTJ Fashion Blogger, I'mari Avey wears an Olivia Pope costume for Subtleween 2016. Seated on Bench.

Despite her talent at fixing others’ problems, Olivia Pope is also in need of fixing. She is flawed and broken. INTJs can often be paradoxical as well. We are often knowledgeable, but uncertain; confident, but afraid; powerful, but sensitive. Accepting ourselves and the paradoxes that are part of the INTJ cognition is vital to the process of self actualization.


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