Subtleween Contest Announcement and Rules


Hi, Uttori Dangels. Happy October! Earlier this week, I mentioned that there would be some changes to the blog come October, so as it is the 1st, get ready for some fun! First, what is Subtleween?


{suhtˈl-ween] | Origin: 2016, Always Uttori

Adjective; noun

  1. A holiday celebrated by INTJs that encourages expressing the richness of the Ni in a subtle and fashionable way.
  2. The INTJ way of cleverly and, indirectly, celebrating Halloween.
  3. The contest where one creative Uttori Dangel will win a $100 Amazon gift card by sharing their Subtleween style.

Do you ever find yourself so inspired by a  fantasy world, as expressed in a story or movie, that you want to inhabit that world and take it with you? Maybe you want to be a Tokyo ghoul, or Yuna from Final Fantasy, or, I don’t know, Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. Whatever the case, the inner you and the outer you are very different in nature, but you’re an INTJ. You don’t share your inner world easily. Ah yes, some might say, but what about cosplay? While I admire cosplay and it’s attention to details, putting on a costume and acting the part of a character isn’t the same as sharing your true inner world. Subtleween is about putting on your inner attitude, one that you might keep hidden. That attitude may be inspired by a person, a place, a culture, but ultimately it expresses more of who you are. That’s why Halloween, despite the candy, is insufficient. Trying to celebrate your inner world in one day is crazy!

That’s why we’ve come up with a fun way to embrace the magic inside, not just for one day. Not for two days. For the entire month of October. That’s what Subtleween is really all about, sharing a bit of your inner self with the world around you. It’s part of what we call the Introvert’s Lifestyle Challenge. Throughout the entirety of October, I will be sharing my Subtleween looks. Hopefully, if I’ve gotten it right, the costumes will be subtle and accessible. No one has to know that, in your mind, you are a stormtrooper doing menial paper work on the Death Star— even though you’re really just sitting in the library studying.

Want to share your personal spin on Subtleween? Contest Details follow.

Subtleween Contest

Starting today, through October 31st, you can submit a picture of your Subtleween look to Always Uttori for a chance to win a $100 Amazon eGift Card.

  1. To participate, you must be subscribed to the Always Uttori blog at, or be a follower of @alwaysuttori on Instagram.
    1. If you are submitting your entry through the blog, e-mail your submissions to:
    2. If you are submitting your entry through Instagram, use #subtleween and @alwaysuttori to enter (If you don’t want to enter the contest, but you still want to participate, just use #subtleween so I can see!).
    3. Include the name of the character you are Subtleweening in your entry.
  2. The contest starts today, Saturday October 1st, and ends Monday October 31st at 12:00 PM Central Time (USA).
    1. The contest is open to all countries, but note that the prize is in American dollars.
    2. You may submit one picture a week, a total of 4 entries during the month.
    3. The winner will be announced on Saturday, November 5th. In addition to winning a $100 gift card, the winner will also be featured in a blog post and on the Always Uttori Instagram. By entering the contest, participants agree to allow Always Uttori to feature the winning image.
  3. Creativity is key, but remember to be subtle!
    1. There’s nothing subtle about nudity, so nothing too revealing please.
    2. Creative, abstract, and literal interpretations are welcome, however, the outfit should be wearable in public as part of an everyday setting or context.
    3. Again, if you would like to participate, but not be considered for the prize, then only use #subtleween on Instagram and/or make note in the e-mail to
  • The contest is from October 1st through the 31st.
  • You may submit one entry per week, totaling four altogether during the month of October.
  • Use #subtleween and @alwaysuttori, or e-mail us at
  • One winner will receive a $100 amazon gift card and will be featured on the blog and on Instagram.
  • Participation in the contest, through use of #subtleween and @alwaysuttori, implies permission for Always Uttori to feature posts on our website and/or instagram.

Good luck to all. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy Subtleweening…

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