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INTJ Playlist 3: Study and Concentration

It’s back to school time! Even if you’re not in school, sometimes, you just want to work, work, work, work, work… So this month’s INTJ playlist is one you can listen to when you need to focus, but want some non-distracting background noise. Click here for the full playlist, or scroll down! Happy studies.

Rêverie, Debussy

The trance like piano is both relaxing and unobtrusive. It also makes great thinking music if you are stumped on a difficult question.

Arabesque no. 1, Debussy

More trance piano, with a happier rather than contemplative tune. But a song you can listen to without distraction and get lost in the work.

Minecraft Menu 1, Daniel Rosenfeld

Hailing from the video game Minecraft, menu 1 is a song I’ve listened to frequently and zoned out too. As a video game song, it has an important job to add to the gameplay, while also not being distracting. Perfect for studying.

Minecraft Menu 4, Daniel Rosenfeld

This song sounds similar to the type of music you get if you search study music and alpha waves, which is what the normal electrical activity of your brain is called when relaxed. So relax on and study forth.

Legend of Korra, Jeremy Zuckerman

This song was looped by a fan of the Legend of Korra series. I couldn’t find the exact song it was taken from, but it is a lovely and peaceful song with heavy strings.

Legend of Korra book 4 Final Scene, Jeremy Zuckerman

More alpha waves and xylophone for your studying pleasure. I admit this one might distract you since it’s so pretty, but it is also relaxing and easy to get lost in while thinking.

Avatar Ba Sing Se Background, Jeremy Zuckerman

This song is from Avatar the Last Airbender and is quite clean focusing mostly on stringed instruments. As a background song of a TV show, it is interesting without being overwhelming.

Piano Music Spa, Piano Music Soundscape

Imagine yourself in a spa studying, wouldn’t that be nice. Maybe you can pretend while listening to this jazzy piano music.

Yoga Piano, The Yoga Specialists

Really nice piano chords and a more serious melody gets you in the mood to keep your focus on in the final stretch.

Light ambient Music, relaxdaily N°093

Ending the study session with a more upbeat, ambient song almost mimics how nice it is to get up and take a break before hitting the books again!

Enjoy the playlist, and let me know what some of your favorite go-to study/focus songs are!

Listen to the entire playlist below!

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