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August INTJ Music Playlist 2: Classically Intriguing

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August INTJ Music Playlist 2: Classically Intriguing

Ready for a new INTJ music Playlist? I’m sharing five songs that I listen to when I want to get swept away by the music. The summer has been pretty hectic, so it will be nice to unwind a bit before the fall and football kick off. It’s the Always Uttori Playlist. You can check out the playlist here, or scroll down.

1. Tempo Di Valse, Antonin Dvorak

This is a waltz by the Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, which is why it’s called Tempo di Valse which translates from Italian to speed of the waltz. The song is soothing while not repetitive.

2. The Promised Land, Nobuo Uematsu

This song comes from the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, I think we can all appreciate the beauty of this song. The lyrics, which are in Latin (despite the movie being Japanese), center on the topic of forgiveness, a major theme of the movie.

3. Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Johann Sebastian Bach

I personally enjoy the sound of cellos. This suite is the go-to classic for me. I could listen to a hundred different versions of it. The overall feel is uplifting, but also neutral which is perfect for relaxing.

4. London Calling, Michael Giacchino

From the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness, this song occurs early on in the movie. It is compelling and beautiful song, evoking emotion even if you aren’t seeing the visual accompaniment.

5.  Arigato, Yoshida Brothers

The Yoshida brothers are well known in Japan and globally for their traditional Japanese music highlighting the shamisen, a three-stringed lute. The nature sounds interwoven with the music heighten the relaxation effect. You can’t help but feel as though this is a thankful ode to the end of summer, it is after all, called ‘Thank You’ in Japanese.c

Check out the full playlist below or click here. Enjoy!

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