White, Sue Wong dress

Paradox 2: That’s No Angel. It’s an INTJ Female

Previously, I shared Part One of my INTJ Paradox Aspire look. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here! Today I’m sharing the look that represents the “Angel” window dressing to my “dangerous” INTJ cognition. INTJ females, in particular, tend to have an aura of danger around them. Is it because they don’t suffer fools gladly? Or maybe it’s because they’d rather forget it than fake it. I think the aura of danger comes about because INTJs, both male and female, are ruled by the Ni and Te aspects of their cognition.  These cognition traits make it difficult to 1.) Stop gathering information; and 2.) Let go of an internalized standard of behavior.  This can often give INTJs the appearance of being distant, cold and calculating. It can even make them seem  mysterious. However, just because an INTJ seems cold, and possibly dangerous, doesn’t mean that they actually are. Once you get past the INTJ’s guard, and get to really know them, you will find that INTJ friends are loyal and caring. Plus, they never impose their internalized standard of behavior on you, unlike some of the more values-focused MBTI types.

White, Sue Wong dress

Because Nice Guys Finish Last

Far from being the “bad” guy of the MBTI world, INTJs are like angels unawares, or hidden angels. They will look out for you, and if you need help, you can usually rely on your INTJ friend – just don’t betray them. So today’s Aspire look represents the flip side of dangerous — the INTJ angel.  Still, an INTJ is both sides of the coin. We are both dangerous, and we are angelic. We are Dangels. Fear Us. . . Just kidding, except when I’m not.

Dress: Sue Wong Nocturne

Shoes: Dirty Laundry


INTJ Angel, Sue Wong dress



2 Replies to “Paradox 2: That’s No Angel. It’s an INTJ Female”

  1. Ashe Skyler says:

    That dress looks very good on you. Love the earrings too. 🙂

    I’m more of a “dangle”. So clumsy I just get hung up on stuff.

    • Always Uttori says:

      Thank you Ashe! Even if you are mostly a danger to yourself, you can still be a Dangel. lol 😀

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