Last Minute Clever Gifts for Clever Women

Last Minute Clever Gifts for Clever Women Shopping for the smart women in our lives can be a daunting task. The fact of the matter is that most gift guides for women focus on beauty- or fashion-themed products. Finding gift guides focused on female empowerment and feeding the mind is something of a scavenger hunt, but [...]

2017 INTJ Christmas Gift Buying Guide

2017 INTJ Christmas Gift Buying Guide It's Thanksgiving tomorrow, a time to pause and reflect on our blessings. And you know what, we're going to need that time, because it's also time to start scoping out the goods for all those Black Friday Sales. Heck, we're already awash in Black Friday pre-sales, so I've delayed [...]

How to Be a Modern Princess: Etiquette for the INTJ Princess

  How to Be a Modern Princess: Etiquette for the INTJ Princess In this day and age, etiquette, and to be clear, I'm speaking of the proper sort, is well past being a dying art form. There are any number of reasons for the death of social niceties, most of which get trotted out on [...]

INTJ November 2017 Challenge

INTJ November 2017 Challenge Another month has gone by, and that means it’s time for another INTJ challenge. Last month’s challenge was to expand your world by getting to know someone you find difficult to read or understand. And let me say, it's quite the challenge for INTJs. With introverted Intuition, INTJs often get emotional [...]

5 Evil Mastermind Archetypes That INTJs Love

5 Evil Mastermind Archetypes INTJs Love Last week, we talked about why INTJs love the villain, but it's wrong to assume that INTJs like villains because INTJs lack morals. Instead, because INTJs tend to view everything as part of a system, including people, any analysis of a plot or movie comes from a systemic point [...]

5 Reasons INTJs Love the Villain

5 Reasons INTJs Love The Villain (Updated) Picture this. You're at a small gathering of friends. You've all discovered that you have two things in common: you're all INTJs, and you've all been given super powers. The discussion in the room centers on how to best use your super powers in a way that will [...]