Voided. Photo Credit: Always Uttori.

Goodbye INTJ Romance Fashion

Goodbye INTJ Romance Fashion

Sorry to say I wasn’t able to finish all the INTJ romance articles that I had planned for the month. Grad school has been occupying the majority of my mental space. Regardless, we hope you enjoyed the articles we did get out this month, and we are excited to start our girl boss theme for March. Before February is over (yeah really pushing it here), we are sharing our last two INTJ anti-romance looks. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve already seen these pictures, but I’m happy to finally get them published on the blog. February has been too short and too busy. So, I’m glad to say goodbye to February and hello, March! Now, bring on spring break!


Dress: Zara

Jacket: Voided

White Rainboots: Amazon

Voided. Photo Credit: Always Uttori.

Dress: Ellazhu

Boots: Daisystreet

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