Adam Selman 1. Photo Credit: Uttori Style | 2018 Spring Transition Fashion.

Uttori Style | 2018 Spring Transition Fashion

Uttori Style | 2018 Spring Transition Fashion

Once March hits, it brings with it a special kind of madness that goes beyond hoop dreams. March is the month that whispers the promise of warmer weather. Yet, the longer that warmth takes to arrive, the more stir-crazy we can all begin to feel, especially as the cold lingers, or the weather seems to grow more temperamental. As Charles Dickens writes in Great Expectations, “… one of those March Days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it’s summer in the light and winter in the shade.” March is the month where we go from cold to hot and back again, sometimes within hours. It is turbulent and indecisive and, most of all, changeable. That’s why spring transition fashion can make your closet seem as though it belongs to someone with two very different style aesthetics. Transitions are rarely perfectly smooth. Yet, there’s also something to love in the move from winter to spring, capriciousness aside. Despite the turbulence that comes as part of the transition, we can embrace a belief in the promise that spring represents. For those of us used to colder climates and four seasons, spring is a joy to the senses. We are taken with excitement at the sound of that first bird call. Budding plants awaken anticipation. Then in what seems an instant, spring bursts forth, offering up all of its promised pleasures. So we endure the turbulence of transition because we know that it is required to come to that place of renewal.

That brings us to the problem of what to wear during capricious March. This year, instead of just picking out designs that are firmly in the INTJ aesthetic, we’ve broadened our perspective. We placed the various fashions into categories that relate to a functional sense of how we, as consumers, think about fashion when we are looking to buy or wear an outfit. We tried to keep things evolved INTJ (meaning expanded from black on black on black). The categories for our spring styles are Light and Airy, AndroGirl, Spring Whites, Floral, Prints, and Transition Styles.

Light and Airy

Functions: Garden Party, Afternoon Tea, Girlfriends Lunch, Relaxing at the Beach


Functions: Attending the Theater, Dinner at a nice restaurant, Hanging out with friends, Lollapalooza Chicago

Spring Whites

Functions: Easter Sunday, Ladies Lunch, Yacht Party (invite me, please! JK), Spring Fashion Show

Trend Notes: Floral

Functions: Spring Wedding, Spring Dance Party, Sunday Church

Trend Notes: Prints

Functions: Spring Fling Party, Poolside Swag, Shopping on Rodeo Drive, Lunch at a

Transition Styles

Functions: Business Meeting, attending a Basketball Game, Sunday Brunch, A Day at the Museum

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