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INTJ Music Playlist #19: INTJ Female and Proud

INTJ Music Playlist #19: INTJ Female and Proud

It’s a new year and time for another dose of INTJ female empowerment. It can be easy to be overly critical as you assess what you’d like to change in the new year. Even so, it’s also a good time to celebrate your strengths as part of your resolution planning. Scroll for the music, or click here for the full playlist.

Solitaire – Marina and the Diamonds

After the crazy of the holidays, it’s time for some sweet, sweet quiet and solitude.

Imaginary – Evanescence

The imaginary world of an introvert can make dealing with the real world seem like a nightmare. Allow yourself a few moments to indulge in the imaginary, but be sure to face up the real world.

World Princess Part II – Grimes

INTJ females  see so much more as they pursue their goals and dreams.

QUEEN – Janelle Monae

INTJ females are often misunderstood and judged harshly for not being uber feminine. Whatever. Girly-girl, or not, we are all queens.

Coup d’etat – G-Dragon

While the Korean lyrics don’t necessarily speak much to INTJ strategy, this is, at least, a great hype song for getting your personal coup d’etat on. Every mastermind needs a playlist for taking on the world. Translation Here.

Listen to the full playlist below.

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