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INTJ Female Romance: Why Is She Guarded?

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Valentine’s day may be over, but the discussion on INTJ relationships isn’t. This week, we’re talking about why the INTJ female is guarded, and we’re sharing more of our anti-romance vs. romantic fashion looks.

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INTJ Female Romance: Why is she Independent?

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The month of love is upon us and those tricky relationship questions that we all have are especially top of mind. Last year, we identified several INTJ female qualities that make dating INTJ females a unique, and maybe even a little confounding, experience to the uninitiated. The articles have been some of our most popular articles to date, (no pun intended).

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Introvert Love: Anti-Romance Fashion look 3, Paint it Black

In Cozy Couture, FASHstyle by Always Uttori

Now that you’ve won the parents over with Monday’s super sweet look (where we talked about loving the INTJ paradoxical girl), you can put that functional costume back in the closet, and return to letting your true INTJ shine. For this Quirky Girl Thursday, I’m wearing one of my favorite looks from last year. It’s a little goth, a little …

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The INTJ and Romance: Loving the Guarded Girl

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One of the most popular searches on the Always Uttori website is about INTJs and romance. This has been the case for some time now. When I see these searches, I can’t help but wonder if the person searching is masochistic, or just very brave. You want to fall in love with an uber rational? Really? Added to the rational …