Oh! The Drama, Korean Dramas are Coming to America

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2016 Korean Drama. KBS Media. Oh! The Drama, Korean Dramas are Coming to America. Alwaysuttori.com

The Rise of Korean Television in America If you’ve read the blog long enough, you may have seen some of our past articles about Korean dramas. For the uninitiated, Korean dramas are a more like a movie than a television series. A drama tells a story from beginning to end, usually in 16 to 20 episodes for each production. Kdrama … Read More

Always Uttori Food makes Kimbap Burgers

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Kimbap Burgers. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey. 2018 Greetings, 2017 Staff Favorites, and Always Uttori Changes

Kimbap Burger Americans love a good beef burger, but these days, burgers are a lot more diverse than just a beef patty on a bun. From chicken to black beans, there’s a burger to suit every taste. The most recent burger craze is one that features sushi. The sushi burger seems to be all over the internet. It can also … Read More

It’s All About the Kimichi – Always Uttori Book Review

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The Kimchi Cookbook Kimchi. It’s having a moment here in America, but in Korea, it’s a beloved dish that has been a part of daily life in the country for thousands of years, having been first mentioned in The Chapter of Dongyi, in the Book of Wei, the Record of the Three Kingdoms, along with its primary flavoring spice, gochugaru. In its … Read More

10 Reasons an INTJ loves Korean Dramas: Part 2

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10 reasons an INTJ loves Korean dramas: Part 2.

Back at it with the final five reasons I love K-Dramas. If you missed part one, you can check it out here! Innocence It’s always jarring to me when I switch over from my Xbox (after watching Viki) to American TV. It seems like half the shows on American TV are every iteration of crime or medical dramas, while the … Read More