Almost Savannah Coffee Roasters Honey Yogurt Parfait

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Yogurt Parfait. Photo credit: Always Uttori. Almost Savannah Coffee Roasters Yogurt Parfait.

Almost Savannah Coffee Roasters Honey Granola Yogurt Parfait Yogurt (yoghurt) is an ancient food that has been a part of the human diet for hundreds of years. Once called the food of the gods, yogurt is believed to have originated in Mesopotamia, when nomads, who stored milk in animal skins, found that the milk that they had stored for later … Read More

Eating Hong Kong 2: Good Eats

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Hong Kong is known for its many outstanding restaurants. As I, like many of your, prepare to return to my studies, one of the things that I’m most looking forward to is all of the great restaurants that I will be able to enjoy once I’m back in Hong Kong.  The best way to eat in Hong Kong is by district, … Read More

Always Uttori Food makes Kimbap Burgers

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Kimbap Burgers. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey. 2018 Greetings, 2017 Staff Favorites, and Always Uttori Changes

Kimbap Burger Americans love a good beef burger, but these days, burgers are a lot more diverse than just a beef patty on a bun. From chicken to black beans, there’s a burger to suit every taste. The most recent burger craze is one that features sushi. The sushi burger seems to be all over the internet. It can also … Read More

Always Uttori Hong Kong Food Guide

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A Hong Kong Food Guide

Welcome to the Always Uttori Hong Kong Food Guide. Hong Kong is one of the major food capitals of the world. The food options are numerous and oh so delicious. I’ve barely scratched the surface of Hong Kong food during my time in the country, but I’ve created a starter list of a few spots that you may want to … Read More

Spring Tonic: Immune Boosting Ginger Shot Recipe

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Spring Tonic- Ginger Shot Recipe. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey.

Although there are many things to look forward to with the advent of spring, the changing of the seasons can bring with it a few  less pleasant features, such as a stressed immune system, which can lead to colds, and a general feeling of malaise. There’s nothing worse than coming down with something just as things are warming up and … Read More