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If psychologists view setting a resolution (or goal) as an organizing action that aids in revealing personality, it is only reasonable to ask ourselves how we decide on the elements that we use to inform the mental models used to help us decide when we have achieved a goal.

INTJ Mastermind: Quantifying You

INTJ Mastermind: Quantifying You: Don’t you dread January and all the talk about a new year, a new you? While the practice of making resolutions is a centuries old tradition – cultures as far back as the Babylonians made resolutions—in this present time, we know that resolution-making tends to be an exercise in futility . . .

2018 Greetings, 2017 Staff Favorites, and Always Uttori Changes

2018 Greetings, 2017 Staff Favorites, and Always Uttori Changes: Because we launched this blog post in July, we often view July as the beginning of the new year for Always Uttori. Yet, there is no doubt that a new calendar year brings with it a sense of excitement and thoughts of renewal as does July. We can't help but wish to harness the energy of the new year by setting goals for this blog, which continues to grow far beyond our expectations.

INTJ Music Playlist #19: INTJ Female and Proud

INTJ Music Playlist #19: INTJ Female and Proud: It’s a new year and time for another dose of INTJ female empowerment. It can be easy to be overly critical as you assess what you'd like to change in the new year. Even so, it's also a good time to celebrate your strengths as part of your resolution planning.

January 2018 INTJ Challenge

January 2018 INTJ Challenge: Where did 2017 go? How did we all make it through a year of such dramatic change? How are you feeling about the future? No matter how you answer those questions, the fact is that it’s almost January. Time for another year of INTJ challenges.

Last Minute Clever Gifts for Clever Women

Last Minute Clever Gifts for Clever Women Shopping for the smart women in our lives can be a daunting task. The fact of the matter is that most gift guides for women focus on beauty- or fashion-themed products. Finding gift guides focused on female empowerment and feeding the mind is something of a scavenger hunt, but [...]