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INTJ Music Playlist #8: Paradoxical Love

We often talk about paradoxes in the INTJ community. For the INTJ female, love is the ultimate paradox. It’s a lot of work to pull us in, but once we’re there, we’re one of the most committed types. So, whether you’re tethered or single, love can be complicated for the INTJ female. This playlist will get you through all the mushy emotions associated with attraction and love.  The February Playlist is called Paradoxical Love because it has both single girl anthems and love declarations. Scroll down to play each song individually, or click here for the full playlist.

Single, Natasha Bedingfield

The first song is the single INTJ female anthem. Sing it loud and sing it proud, cause this is our declaration of independence. Every lyric in this song is INTJ female gold.

Let’s not fall in Love, Big Bang

You could read the meaning of this song a few different ways, but the key concept is to not fall in love just yet—a sentiment single INTJs can get behind. The song is in Korean. Translated, the first line goes, “Let’s not fall in love, we don’t know each other very well yet. Actually I’m a little scared, I’m sorry.” See full translation here, and maybe try singing along! 

Lonely hearts club, Marina and the Diamonds

As INTJ females, we are already part of a club characterized by how we think. So, if you’re single, why not join the I’m Okay club? The lyric, feelings are just like the weather, gets me every time. Truly the cynical idealist love song.

Irreplaceable, Beyoncé

Congrats to Queen Bey, who just announced that she is expecting. I love this song, and I love the outfit that she wears when she’s singing with her all-girl band. Bey knows the secret that ALL INTJ girls know – most guys are replaceable. Sorry, but it’s true. If you want an INTJ female, you’ve got to be more than your income and outer appearance.

Bulletproof, La Roux

While rock band Bon Jovi screams about being “shot through the heart,” La Roux has the answer. Be bulletproof.

More Than Words, Extreme

Have you heard? INTJs are not the most emotionally expressive people. So, how do you know they love you? Their actions.  INTJs show their care through actions, more often than words of affirmation. An INTJ’s love is more than words.

Miss independent, Kelly Clarkson

What happens when an INTJ falls in love? She finds true love.

Don’t let it go to your head, Fefe Dobson

Hey catching an INTJ girl is hard, but if you’ve got one, don’t let it go to your head!

The only exception, Paramore

Sometimes you have to make exceptions in love. Make sure it’s worth it.

Brave enough, Lindsay Stirling

Love takes commitment and bravery. Take the plunge INTJs.

Full playlist here

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