Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

Best and most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

Seducing the Careful Lover: The Best and Most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

Ah, the mysterious INTJ, hard to crack in terms of romance. What do they want? What do they like? What do they need? Never fear, this guide will help you to give your INTJ exactly what they need this Valentine’s day.

Alone Time

Yes, Valentine’s Day is about human connection, but let’s face it, INTJs NEED alone time. Giving your INTJ time to recharge is one of the best and most romantic gifts that you can give them. That’s not to say to cancel all plans and leave you INTJ alone on V-day; instead, let them have a bit of solitude before your time together so they can recharge. Allowing your INTJ this time may even make them more affectionate, more energetic, and more focused while spending time with you. For the INTJ, alone time really is the gift that gives back.


Yeah, it’s cliché and expected, but unless your INTJ just isn’t into chocolate or sweets, then you really can’t go wrong with chocolate. You’ve got to get the good stuff though, none of that cheap convenience store stuff. INTJs like quality. This is one of those times that spending some extra cash for the good stuff will pay off in dividends and show that you really do care. Need a chocolate recommendation? Check out these lovely mint chocolates from Nordstrom (they also have them in dark chocolate if that’s preferred).

$21 and free shipping

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

Grumpy/Sarcastic Love T-shirts

INTJs aren’t known to wax poetic about romance. It’s not that we aren’t romantics, it’s just that we’re not ones to wear our emotions on our t-shirts, unless it’s sarcasm. Is sarcasm even an emotion? Philosophical debate aside, every INTJ needs an anti-romance shirt to get them through the season of mushy-gushy love. Luckily, these days, there are many options (we’ve survived the dark ages), but if you need some suggestions check out these shirts from ASOS.

Men’s I Love Me Shirt $18.50

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

Woman’s You Suck Less than Most Shirt $28.00

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

Tea/Coffee and an Educational Book

Give, and share in, the gift of hygge with ultimate introvert aesthetics — a hot drink and a good book. INTJs love to learn. If you know them well enough to get them a book they’ll love, then you’ve shown care and consideration. Get cozy together with your drink of choice, and get ready for a spicy night of love learning! Here are some suggestions to get you started!

Tea Chest Assortment, $55.00, Nordstrom (Free Shipping)

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

Set of 2 Coffee Mugs $42.00, Nordstrom (Free Shipping)

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

36 Hours in London $12.50, ASOS

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

Modern Man’s Guide $15.50, ASOS

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

52 Things to Learn on the Loo $10.50, ASOS

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

Help in the Romance Department

INTJs aren’t strong in the romance department. Luckily, they love to learn, remember? So help your INTJ along with some romance education. Books, books and more books. Check these books out for you INTJ romance starter kit.

Little Book of Flirting, $9.00, ASOS

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

First Dates, $23.00, ASOS

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

A Shared Experience at Home

Going out is great. Staying in is great too! It can also be cheaper. You can Netflix and chill, play board games, chat, or make dinner together. Working on a project together is not only a great bonding experience, but can also help you INTJ stretch their inferior extroverted sensing function, keeping them in the moment with you. Check out this cute recipe book for date night from ASOS.

Date Night Cookbook $15.50, ASOS

Best AND most Romantic Gifts for INTJs

Quality Time

I started this post by saying that INTJs need their alone time, but they also need quality time with those close to them. Set aside a few hours to just talk. Learn what odd rabbit hole your INTJ has been exploring lately. Get into philosophical debates. Talk nerdy to each other. You will never win an INTJ as a lover if you can’t have deep, analytical discussions. Quality time is the heart of any good and strong relationship.

There are many different views of love, but one thing that we can all agree on is that love is not about receiving gifts; it’s not about dressing up and going out; love is about making a connection with another individual. It’s about taking the time to know that person, and accepting them as they are in that moment, and as they will be on your journey together.

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