INTJ Mastermind: Introducing the INTJ Challenge

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Photo Credit: Karein Smeds / Folio Images -86198827. Published in INTJ Mastermind: Introducing the INTJ Challenge.
Photo Credit: Karein Smeds / Folio Images -86198827.
INTJ Mastermind: Introducing the INTJ Challenge

You didn’t think we would get through January without talking New Year’s resolutions did you? OK, this isn’t actually about New Year’s resolutions, unless you want it to be. In actuality, the INTJ Mastermind Challenge is a continuation of our mastermind series, which if you haven’t yet read, you can find it here (warning, it’s a long series).

To become a true INTJ Mastermind, we need to remember to practice all aspects of growth — mind, body, heart, and soul (masterminds are the liberal arts course of study for personality). It’s one thing to talk about developing your mastermind, but putting talk to action is what is needed to achieve the goal of the INTJ mastermind. Although introverts prefer “going it alone,” it’s nice to know that someone else is on the same life journey. So, I’m pledging to be your 1+, your friend in the journey – though I promise to keep my distance. I also promise not to be pushy.

Here’s how the INTJ Challenge will work. At the end of every month, I will challenge Always Uttori INTJ readers to do something relating to one of the life systems outlined in the Mastermind Series: mind, body, soul, or heart. These challenges are meant to encourage both myself, and you, to develop to the fullest potential. It’s that simple.

In honor February, the month of love, the first challenge will be one of the heart.

The February INTJ Challenge

Woman Reaching. Klaus Vedgelt - 537251963. Published in INTJ Mastermind: Introducing the First Challenge.
Photo Credit: Klaus Vedfelt – 537251963.

Reach out to someone you like, but don’t talk to, or haven’t talked to, in some time.

As stated previously, I will also be doing the challenges and sharing the results when it’s time for the next challenge.

Let me know if you are taking on the challenge through social media, or in the comments below.

Are you game? 3..2..1…Go!