Introvert Love: I’d Rather Date Myself Valentine’s Day 2017

Always UttoriCozy Couture, FASHstyle

Dropwaist Pant Quirky Style, Photo 2. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Introvert Love: I'd Rather Date Myself Valentine's Day 2017.

It’s not that INTJs are against romance, it’s just that a constant bombardment of conformity to the mainstream idea of how a woman is supposed to dress to get, or keep, a man can take a toll. You shouldnā€™t have to scroll past 10 all-look-the-same, date night looks on your way to sarcastic INTJ quotes on Pinterest. If I’m dressing … Read More

INTJ Female: Loving the Independent Girl, Always Uttori Valentine’s Date Night Look 1

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Sophisticated M. Photo 1. Photo Credit. Mechelle Avey. Loving the Intependent Girl.

Last week, we talked about how INTJ females are guarded when it comes to love, but making the assumption that a guarded heart means that the INTJ is fragile, and in need of a knight on a white horse to save her, is a mistake. Instead, the INTJ female is fiercely independent, and that independence can further complicate the relationship … Read More