One Year Anniversary: Top 10 Always Uttori Articles

One Year Anniversary: Top 10 Always Uttori Articles Always Uttori is back from our summer hiatus, and this month, we're celebrating our one year anniversary. Today, we are taking a look back at our ten most popular articles to date. If, for some reason, you missed one of the top ten articles, then what are [...]

INTJ Playlist #12: Help I’m feeling an Emotion

INTJ Playlist #12: Help I’m feeling an Emotion Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking about mental health and managing emotions. That Americans are feeling tense and uncertain at this point in time in our history is undeniable. INTJ Playlist #12: Help, I'm feeling an emotion is music that encourages you as you deal [...]

INTJ strategies for dealing with Holiday Blues

  Let's just be honest. The holidays, while full of some of the most precious memories of our lives, can also be the cause of a great deal of stress for the introvert. In reality, the holiday season is not defined by one single stressor, but a raft of them: family reunions, office parties, preparing the [...]

Discussing INTJ Paradoxes Part 2: Objective Emotive

Can Ya Dig? You know what they say about us. INTJs — they're cynical. They're unemotional. They're savages robots - barely even human. They, whoever they are, post these statements on the internet and assume that because INTJs do not broadcast their emotions that we do not possess them. But, dig deeper, a bit more [...]

Discussing INTJ Paradoxes Part 1: Socratic Paradox

Today I want to go deeper into the idea of paradoxes and discuss a common INTJ paradox: knowledgeable, but insecure. In fact, this paradox has a name, it’s called the Socratic Paradox. The Greek philosopher Plato credited his teacher Socrates as having said, “All that I know is that I know nothing.” Although, there is [...]