Top 10 Always Uttori Fashion Posts

Top 10 Always Uttori Fashion Posts

It’s week two of our one year anniversary celebration. Today we are reliving our top 10 Always Uttori fashion posts from the past year. Even if fashion isn’t really you’re thing, give the articles a read. I often try to approach fashion from an INTJ perspective, even in the fashion articles. Without further ado, here are our top 10 INTJ fashion looks from 2016.

10. Introvert and INTJ Fashion Inspiration for 2017
INTJ/Introvert Fashion Inspiration for 2017

At number 10 for most popular, our INTJ and Introvert Fashion inspiration is no joke. We highlight several fashion designers with serious INTJ aesthetic cred for all your fashion inspiration needs. Check it out here.

9. INTJ Fashion Trend Report for 2017
Photo Credit: Elie Saab via INTJ Fashion Trends for 2017
Photo Credit: Elie Saab via

We are at the midpoint of 2017, but it’s not too late to learn about the fashion trends for 2017. With 207 hits to date, get in there and learn what trends you should check out for your INTJ cognition style. Read it here.

8. INTJ The Secret Artist
INTJ Fashion Blogger, I'mari Avey. L1, P2. INTJ, Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.The Secret Artist.

The Secret Artists was both a fashion look and used as a discussion of INTJs and creativity. How does the INTJ reconcile both their rationality and their creativity? Read the article to find out!

7. Femme Dangel
Always Uttori: Femme Dangel, INTJ Females
INTJ Femme Dangel, Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

One of our earlier fashion looks, with 249 hits to date, Femme Dangel shouldn’t be forgotten. The article also discusses the tension between INTJ traits being labeled as masculine and being an INTJ female. Give the article a read here.

6. Introvert Love: Loving the INTJ Girl+ Date Night Look
I'mari Avey INTJ Blogger, Photo Credit: Mechelle Aey. Introvert Love: Date Night Look 4.

Loving the INTJ Girl comes in at number 6 with 363 total hits so far. Our last date night look, we summarized what kind of guy an INTJ female might be looking for in love based on previous love topics we covered. Read the full article here.

5. Introvert Love: INTJ, Loving the Committed Girl
Always Uttori, Romance Fashion Look 4. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Introvert Love: Loving the Committed Girl.

Our 5th most popular fashion post, with 381 hits to date, Loving the Committed Girl talks about the INTJ trait of loyalty and gives tips for relationships. Read the article here.

4. Paradox 1: About that Victorian Vamp Life
Girl in black knit dress, mini-length

With 404 hits to date, part one of a two-part series looking at the paradoxical sides of the INTJ, Victorian Vamp Life is the fourth most popular fashion article. Read about the full paradox here.

3. INTJ Female: Loving the Independent Girl

Our third most popular fashion look was our Independent girl date night look. The article discusses loving the independent INTJ female. Read the full article here.

2. Paradox 2: That’s No Angel. It’s an INTJ Female

Coming in at number 2, our second most popular fashion post was the second in two-part paradox fashion series. With 514 hits to date, the secret is out on the sweet side of the INTJ cognition. One of our earliest fashion posts, I like to think we’ve come a long way from some of the earlier looks. Read the full article here.

1. The INTJ and Romance: Loving the Guarded Girl
Sporty Girl Love, Photo 3. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.

You might recognize this one if you saw our Top 10 articles of all time. Loving the Guarded Girl sat at number 10 for overall popularity, but for fashion, it’s number one with 2,195 hits to date.  Besides highlighting a cool fashion look for those without boyfriends, we also talked INTJs and romance. Check out the full article here.

Fashion Trend Takeaway

Were I consulting a fashion house on the trends to look for when designing for an INTJ, I would definitely say to think about period design, as those types of articles seemed to get pinned the most on Pinterest. INTJs and other introverted intuitives have vivid imaginations. Often, our fashion sense leans toward cosplay, and/or period because of the strong point of view. Also, black, black, and more black. INTJs love the color black. Finally, dressing the paradoxes of our cognition is a big thing. What do I mean when I say dress the paradox? Think hard with soft, edgy with sweet, tailored with relaxed. INTJs live with a paradoxical mindset, and it’s something we enjoy reflecting in our fashion style. Much of my observation in regard to INTJ fashion trends comes not only from the articles that are read here on the site, but also from which articles get pinned.

So, as always, thanks for reading. It has been a great year because of our readers. We appreciate your support, and look forward to introducing better and more refined INTJ fashion inspiration in the coming year.

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