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INTJ Music Playlist #13: INTJ Female and Proud

It’s our one year anniversary here at Always Uttori, and some of our most popular posts in the last year have been our music playlists. Our very first music playlist was INTJ Female and Proud, and while we’ve added to the playlist a few times throughout the year, in honor of our anniversary, this month’s playlist is, once again, INTJ Female and Proud. Click here for full playlist, or scroll down.

It’s Not Logical- Mary-Kate and Ashley

Ok, this song is pretty cheesy, and not all the examples are actually illogical, but perhaps listening to this song as a child is part of what made me an INTJ today. Regardless of how silly the song is, it does capture the spirit of INTJ inquisitiveness, plus Ashley Olsen is an INTJ female, so we will let this be our secret indulgence song.

I love It – Icona Pop

One of the ultimate rebel songs with INTJ heart, the line, “you want me down on earth, but I am up space” fits the INTJ female mindset.

Formation- Beyonce

OK INTJ ladies, let’s get in formation and slay all day! INTJ ladies are going to take over the world, quietly of course. In the meantime, we can jam out to this song and admire that great black dress with the silver necklace Beyoncé works in the video, INTJ aesthetic on point.

Outsider – Marina and the Diamonds

When we aren’t forming secret societies to take over the world, INTJ females can feel isolated and alone. It can be hard to connect with others, but instead of trying to fit in to the in crowd, INTJs will do better letting go and finding their own people.

One of a kind – G-dragon

Whether we feel alone, or like we’ve found our tribe; whether we are over it all, or struggling through a sea of amazement over the lack of logic in the world, INTJ females are, without a doubt, singular women. Let’s celebrate our unique cognitive style.  The song is in Korean, but these translated lyrics say it all: “Because I’m different, because that’s me! Because no matter what I do, chaos ensues. Because I make trend, because I change everything This talent will never leave me.” See the English lyrics here.

Listen to the full playlist below.

It’s INTJ Playlist Tuesday. Time to chill and refill.

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