Pastel Goth Morticia and Pallicanis

Halloween: Pastel Goth Morticia and Pallicanis: The Full Story

Bow and Wow!

I don’t know which one of the living, breathing beings working on this blog site messed up my flow, but you can rest assured that Pallicanis, I mean Bone Daddy P., is not going down like that. As you all probably know, the last Pastel Goth Morticia and Pallicanis story was set to publish last Wednesday, on October 26. Since I’m at my most powerful on Howli’ween, that decision never made any sense. So, we had a few technical difficulties, if you know what I mean. Woof, yeah! Howli’ween is when the powers of Bone Daddy P. are at their strongest. On Howli’ween, when I howl at the moon, it rains cheese and moon dust. When you’ve got it like that, ain’t nothing but a thang to scare a couple of foolish, blithering humans, afraid of their own shadows on a full moon. Bones and ash! Why should I care about things like a missed deadline? I’m already dead! Besides, I’ve got fans to satisfy, doggone it!  So, for all five of my fans, I have worked a fiendishly clever bone magic, befuddling these simple-minded humans so that they will publish all of the Pastel Goth Morticia and Pallicanis story in its entirety. Today. On Howli’ween, I mean on Halloween. Just one more gift from Bone Daddy P. before I return to my resting place. It’s time for one final howl at the moon. So, from Pastel Goth Morticia, and me, Pallicanis, thank you for letting us share our story. Happy Howli’ween 2016.  Thanks for the memories!


Pallicanis is back in his grave, but his story still lives on. If you missed the beginning, click here.


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