Photo Credit: Always Uttori. INTJ March Mastermind Challenge.

INTJ March Mastermind Challenge

It’s a new month and that means it’s time for the next INTJ challenge. Thanks to all who took on last month’s challenge, which was to talk to someone you like, but haven’t spoken to for a while. If you participated, I hope reconnecting was fun. It’s easy to come up with these challenges, and yet, resist the challenges myself. However, in sharing my online dating experiences on the blog, I was reminded that taking the time to reflect on things that make you uncomfortable because they have to do with feelings is truly important on the mastermind journey. It may sound like svengali-style jargon, but when you analyze your experiences from an emotional perspective, it does allow you to more easily let go of the negative aspects of those experiences (if that is your goal. If you just want to complain, well, that’s a different post). During the past month, I was reminded several times that to become a true mastermind also requires mastering the heart side of the mastermind cognition.

With that said, I found myself quite busy during February. And while I reconnected with a few old friends, we didn’t get much of a chance to deep dive into any good conversations. Everyone is busy. Still, it was nice to check in and reaffirm the connection.

So, how did the challenge go for you? If you want to share your progress, let me know in the comments, or on social media!

Now onto the 1st Ever Always Uttori March Mastermind Challenge.

As I write this, we’ve been experiencing 30-degree temperatures, and last night we got several inches of snow. Even so, spring is around the corner. There’s an energy in the air that says it’s time to get moving. That’s what I aim to do. I’m not trying to get a bikini body, or exercising for anyone, or anything. I just want to shake off the winter drudge, and be ready to get out and about this spring to explore the world.  Before I explore the world, however, I’m exploring new and different types of physical activity, whether it’s trying a new workout, incorporating walking or biking as a daily routine – getting physical is the challenge. The choice is up to you!  Incorporating physical activity into your life means that you are mastering both mind and body.

As for my choice of physical activity, I will be getting back into shape (I fell off of my workout schedule for a few months) in preparation for my move abroad, where I will have to do a lot more walking.

If you need some ideas for fun and different physical activities try some of these!

Detox Yoga

Hot Hula

Ballet Bar

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