Christopher Michael, unbearably stylish. Photo Credit: Andrea Badino. Always Uttori: An INTJ Guide to the Hottest Guys on Instagram, Week 4.

Always Uttori: An INTJ Guide to the Hottest Guys on Instagram, Week 4

I spent Valentine’s Day completely forgetting that it was Valentine’s Day. You know what I call that? Best. Valentine’s. Day. EVER! You know why I didn’t care that I was not part to a parcel? Simple. The Always Uttori Stag Club. Not only have I enjoyed introducing them to our readers, I’ve also enjoyed getting to know a bit more about each of this select group of feast-for-the-eyes-worthy Instagrammers. At Always Uttori, we very much appreciate our Stag Club members for participating in this Love(ly) project, and for being good sports about being objectified. While this is, unfortunately, the last week of our Hottest Guys on Instagram posts. We still have one more handsome hottie for your viewing pleasure. Christopher Michael, aka @unbearablystylish on Instagram, may be last on this list, but the recent California Berkley grad is first in so many other ways. You’ll get to see a bit more of Christopher, as we will be doing a future collaboration, and he’s also my Instagram mentor, something for which I am truly grateful, given though I tend to go all INTJy on him; and yet, he patiently continues to communicate through it all. Beyond that, one glance at his style feed, and it’s obvious that Christopher falls into the category of Hot Guy that could cause any INTJ fashionista to shout, I’d be happy to tap that . . . closet. Down-to-earth, hard-working, and kind-hearted, Christopher Michael is more than a fashion statement from head-to-toe, he is an up-and-coming style icon, with one the larger menswear accounts on Instagram. So get all googly-eyed as you read about Always Uttori Stag Club member, Christopher Michael, because he’s so fashion fresh, he is @unbearablystylish.

Christopher Michael, unbearably stylish. Photo Credit: Andrea Badino. Always Uttori: An INTJ Guide to the Hottest Guys on Instagram, Week 4.
Photo Credit: Andrea Badino
Get to Know Christopher Michael

Question: Introvert or Extravert
Answer: ENFJ

Question: What song on your playlist do you have on repeat?
Answer: Ah, there are so many great songs I have on repeat: Lose it (Jerry Folk Remix), Closer (feat. Jennie A.), Sunday Candy “Short Film” Donnie Trumpet, Shed A Light (Feat. Cheat Codes), and Radioactive by Anna Lunoe

Question: Let’s talk about love. What’s your “getting to know her” approach style? Friends First And Forever (FFAF), or Love at First Sight (LAFS)?
Answer: I would say that my approach is friend’s first and forever. I’m a non-stop workaholic, so I’d say I’m more logical than emotion felt in my approach.

Question: When you go on a date, what’s your date style? Mystery, Action Adventure, or Romantic Comedy?
Answer: [How about documentary] I make sure to do my research before meeting up with my date. I try to pick up as much information from our first conversation, or information provided to me by her friends or social, and then I make sure to tailor a date around the preferences that I also agree with so that it is a mutually fun night for both of us. 

Question: Name a Guilty Pleasure.
Answer: Ah, some may find this funny, but I am really attracted to a girl when she speaks intelligently in conversation with me.

Question: Single and Searching? Or Taken?
Answer: I am currently single and plan to remain that way for a while for the reason that I have a very busy work schedule. I don’t mind making time to go out on dates, though!

There you have it. Stylish, focused, and AVAILABLE. No need to thank me. I’m just a single INTJ trying to make it through February, and my femme dangels, I have enjoyed every moment of it. I hope you have to. Love to learn more about @unbearablystylish? Deets below:

Instagram: @unbearablystylish
Facebook: Christopher Michael

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