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4 Need to Know Color Trends for Christmas 2023

4 Need to Know Color Trends for Christmas 2023

It’s already the end of July, and you know what that means? Christmas is just around the corner. So, why not get a jumpstart on the holidays by dipping your toes into the Christmas spirt? If you’re ready to get your Christmas craft on, check out our Teddy Bear Holiday Wreath, but if you want the ultimate Christmas color inspiration, then read on!

Today I’ll be sharing a 4 color stories that are going to be trendy for Christmas 2023, but first, did you know that last year, three of the biggest aesthetics for Christmas were: Candyland, Grinchmas, and natural world or woodland Christmas? Did any of you participate in those trends? This year, many of the themes are the same, but there are some new additions, such as Scandinavian, Mixed metals, Vintage, retro, and Christmas whimsy.

About Aesthetics

There are many Christmas themes to choose from, for example, Amazon has a whopping 19 styles listed for their Christmas categories! Some of these include art deco, contemporary, cottage, rustic, traditional, country, Chinese, and English, to name a few. While we’re talking mostly about color today, I wanted to briefly talk about style/aesthetic choices. When you’re crafting your Christmas experience, it’s important to pick an aesthetic or style that resonates with you and fits into your décor. While most colors can blend into a preferred style, some aesthetics come with colors that are too important to be ignored. Many times, the color is foundational to the aesthetic. For example, the soft blues and grays of a coastal aesthetic, or, white for modern farmhouse. Color is important, but you can play with the saturation of a color to get it to fit into an aesthetic that you love. Even though we are focusing on color stories, I’ve tried to place our color stories into a complementary aesthetics to help guide you on great style and color pairings.


And finally, our color inspiration is inspired by trends seen in fashion, interiors, and at market, which is where wholesalers go to shop for items to put in their shops. Since I am not a wholesaler, the information I’m sharing with you comes from market research, and from content by Youtubers: Kinwoven, David Christopher’s, and Ramon at Home. They helped me get an insider’s take on the trends of Christmas past as well as Christmas Trends for 2023.

With that, let’s get into the Always Uttori Christmas 2023 Color Stories!

P.S. If you want to watch the video version, watch the video below. Color Stories start at 11 minutes in. Scroll on for the written version.

Ruby and Rust

Inspired by traditional Christmas colors and building upon our velvet and amber color story from last year, ruby and rust combines traditional holiday red with the rising interior trend of neutrals and earthy tones. The trend includes colors like reds, browns, and oranges as well as lighter coppers and tans. The Always Uttori color story of ruby and rust pairs opulent gemstone decor with warm rustic metallics.  

Set the mood: You can choose to accent ruby and rust with black for a moody and dark look, white for a fresh and bright look or a mix of metallics for a more traditional look.

In terms of style, we’ve paired ruby and rust with a traditional aesthetic. We’re not re-inventing the wheel, we’re sticking to time-tested traditions and classic styling.  

If you’re ready to get a jumpstart on this colorway, you can check out our Velvet and Amber article from last year, which included DIYs in rust and amber colors.

French Lavender and Sea Foam

Bored of the same old red and green Christmas year after year? Try French Lavender and Sea Foam. This color story is inspired by the south of France, where lavender fields grow in Provence and the sea laps at warm sand. Non-traditional and whimsical colors have been a growing trend in the Christmas space and this year shades of lavender and magenta are the fresh take on red. For this Christmas season we’ve paired lavender with another up and coming non-traditional color, wintery mint or seafoam green. This color has been popping up more frequently in Christmas decor, especially last year with ocean and crustacean themed holiday items as part of the mermaidcore trend that is popular in both fashion and interior decor.   

Set the mood: Accent this color story with rustic grays and browns. Weathered wood and metallic textures with low shine add to the old world feeling of this color story.

To style this colorway, we’re pairing Lavender and Sea Foam with a French Provincial aesthetic, or European country rustic style. As lavender is grown in the south of France, we thought the colors went perfectly with the aesthetic of the region its grown.

Smoked Gray and Iced Vanilla

Mysterious and elegant, smoked gray and iced vanilla bring a sense of winter’s chill while keeping it sophisticated. As interior trends turn to neutral and earthy tones, smokey grays and dark metallics like pewter have been gaining popularity in the Christmas space. Perhaps the color hits upon brutalist design style, an interior trend for 2023 that emphasizes simple and geometric shapes, rough and unfinished textures, and monochromatic colors. While brutalist style doesn’t sound Christmasy, when paired with a soft neutral like vanilla, smoked gray becomes inviting rather than stark. Always Uttori is also including the rising trend of tinsel and iced texture treatments, a retro tradition that is making a comeback, in this color story to add some holiday pizazz to this elegant colorway.

Set the mood: brighten up this dark and moody colorway by adding white color accents. To create a warmer feeling, go for deeper vanillas and browns. If you want to play up the moodiness, pair this colorway with blacks and darker grays. Also don’t forget about texture. Industrial and raw finishings play to the brutalist design elements while iced and shiny finishes bring in the holiday vibes.  

Smoked gray and iced vanilla’s style aesthetic is moody and modern, so it fits well into contemporary styling. Minimal and monochromatic, we’re keeping this Christmas style refined.  


If you are looking for fun, whimsy, and cozy hygge (hoo-ga) spirt all wrapped in one, then look no further than funfetti Christmas. Instead of a specific color, funfetti highlights a bright rainbow of colors in pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, and greens usually in pastel shades. This colorway is super nontraditional but brings a sense of freshness to the Christmas space. Funfetti encompasses societal trends like dopamine dressing, craftcore, maximalism, and hygge, tapping into the larger need for fun, freedom, and comfort after the confinement of the past few years. This colorway is a bit of a rising star, so it may be difficult to find holiday décor that fits into this color way at retail stores this year, however, I believe this trend will only grow in popularity in the coming years.

Set the mood: funfetti is all about fun and bright colors. White is a must to keep the many colors from going too crazy while also keeping the feeling bright. You can also add metallics in the form of gold to add some shine and holiday sophistication. This colorway is also all about textures. Confetti, glitter, pom poms, knits, and wool all add to the cozy and comforting vibes.

Funfetti would pair well with either a bohemian or Scandinavian style. Funfetti pulls from the craftcore aesthetic which lends itself well to cozy Scandinavian concepts like Hygge, or free spirited and eclectic bohemian styles.

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If you want to find more inspirations for any of the color stories we’re sharing, check out our Holiday Pinterest board.

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