3 Make Ahead Christmas Breakfast Ideas- Mission to Munch

Mission to Munch—3 Make Ahead Christmas Breakfast Ideas This article originally appeared in Uttori Life Magazine, which can be found here. Make Christmas morning go a lot smoother with these three Mission to Munch make-ahead breakfasts! Watch the video below to see how it’s done, and scroll for the full

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5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts from Pinterest

Christmas is this Sunday! Which means it’s now or never to get last minutes gifts. But as an introvert, who really wants to jump into the fray with loads of others finishing up their holiday shopping? These quick and easy gifts have you covered. Fruit Wreath All you need is

Introvert Life - Christmas Fashion Look 3. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Close-up, INTJ Fashion Blogger I'mari Avey. Published in

Introvert Life – Christmas Fashion Look 3

Today’s holiday look is the epitome of Christmas to me. We typically associate red and green with Christmas but, for me, this white and gold combo brings out the heart of Christmas. The white reflects the golden Christmas lights, or am I getting too poetic? Anyway, putting a sheer skirt

Introvert Life – Christmas Fashion Look 2. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.

Introvert Life – Christmas Fashion Look 2

Introvert Life – Christmas Fashion Look 2 Welcome to the second of our Christmas Fashion looks. This dress style is perfect for a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at church, or a family get together. I’ve had this dress for a couple of years, and it fits for many different functions.

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INTJ Music Playlist #6: Christmas Playlist

It’s time for the INTJ Christmas playlist. Honestly, as most Christmas music is sappy and overly emotional, this playlist was a bit more difficult than usual. However, I think this is the time of the year where traditions supersede the role of logic. Music is meant to connect us to the

INTJ Gift Guide

INTJ Gift Buying Guide

Who says INTJs don’t like Christmas? Not me! It’s the Christmas season, one of my favorite times of the year. As covered in the Elusive Fashion Habits series, INTJs may be the type most likely to talk themselves out of buying something. If an item doesn’t pass their stringent logic

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