Business Woman on Chair. Photo Credit: istockphotos. INTJ November 2017 Challenge.

INTJ November 2017 Challenge

INTJ November 2017 Challenge

Another month has gone by, and that means it’s time for another INTJ challenge.

Last month’s challenge was to expand your world by getting to know someone you find difficult to read or understand. And let me say, it’s quite the challenge for INTJs. With introverted Intuition, INTJs often get emotional feedback from people so, when they can’t read others, it can be disconcerting.

Returning to school has given me plenty of practice in getting to know new people, some of whom are very different from myself. It has been a challenge in some ways, but a healthy and fulfilling challenge. I’ve had the chance to learn about photography, sculpture, and China though my conversation with others. Even when it has been difficult to keep conversations going, I’ve learned that by pushing through the awkwardness, you can improve your small talk ability, at least a bit. More importantly, you get the opportunity to learn so much. Just make sure to get plenty of rest after taking on the challenge, or you can experience the “introvert hangover” if you over over exert in peopling as I did.

How did the challenge go for you? Feel free to share in the comments below, or through social media. We love to hear what you’ve been up to.

November Challenge

If you live in the U.S, then November is when things start to get hectic as holiday preparations ramp up. As INTJs, we love efficiency, and this is when we go crazy making lists and plans. However, things can also start to pile up, and you may be tempted to… multi-task. You may have heard it before, but humans aren’t made to multi-task. Multi-tasking makes us take longer to complete tasks, causes us to make more mistakes, and can affect our memory, Multi-tasking makes us feel more stressed than ever (see this article about why multi-tasking is bad for more reasons). When things get busy, it’s hard to not multi-task. We all do it. Ironically, I’m multi-tasking while writing this article. That’s why this month’s challenge is to slow down and practice focusing on one task at a time. Not only will it help to relieve the stress of having a lot to do (as counter intuitive as it sounds), it will also enable you to focus better, and improve your memory. During the holiday season, it’s important to remember that while life can get busy, it’s important to focus on the slow and quiet moments as well, (and keeping it as efficient as possible in true INTJ style). Good luck!

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