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Uttori: Gluten-Free Thin Mints

Girl Scout Cookie month may be over, but if you missed the window for getting your hands on some, or are in serious relapse, then never fear, your After-Girl-Scout-Cookie-Month fix is here. Personally, my favorite girl scout cookies are Samoas. Unfortunately, I am in the minority in a family made

Always Uttori Food: Glazed Lemon Madelines. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey.

Always Uttori Food: Glazed Lemon Madelines

I made my first batch of madeleine cookies a few years ago for my Grandma’s 70th birthday party. At the time, I had been mostly gluten-free for about a year (I still eat gluten, but I try to eat mostly gluten-free). I had also completed three years of Japanese Tea

Making Macarons in Paris, La Cuisine Paris. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey. Chocolate covered Strawberry Macaron Recipe.

Chocolate-covered Strawberry Macarons

Love Sucks But Macarons Don’t Macarons are the French pastry of taste bud heaven, but execution hell. This recipe is made using the Italian meringue method, which is a much less temperamental meringue than a French meringue.  I have had a long fascination with macarons. To me, they seemed to

Winter Wonderlog Pudding. Introvert Life: 2016 New Year's Eve Lookbook. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey.

Winter Wonder Log Food Makeover

Winter Wonder Log Food Makeover Makes about 8 servings In my family, food = love. And, as the holidays are about love and giving, it’s often the time when our familial love is on full display. While banana pudding is a classic on our holiday table, everyone has different their favorite

Introvert Eats - Sweet Potato Recipes, Fritters. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey.

Sweet Potato Fritters

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving 2016, and if you’re headed out to the Black Friday sales, that you find some great deals. If you’re still looking for gift ideas after Black Friday, be sure to keep an eye on the site. We’ll be doing INTJ gift ideas throughout

Sweet Potato Nachos

Yes. Sweet potato nachos. If that sounds crazy to you, you should rephrase that to crazy good! To be honest, this recipe is perfect for when you need to wing it. Surprise guests and need a quick dish? Cook up some sweet potatoes, add whatever you have lying around in

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