Photo Credit: Robert Daly_534574079. Published in MBTI Manifesto.


Photo Credit: Robert Daly_534574079. Published in MBTI Manifesto.

MBTI Manifesto

AN MBTI Manifesto 2016 can be described as many things. In the fashion industry, it was, surprisingly, a year of manifestos. See here, and here. The rest of us have been plodding along, just trying to make it through all of 2016’s depressing news. Now, as we are in the

Kid Being Duct-taped to the Wall. Photo Credit: Marc Duf -47508096. Part 2. Surviving 2 INTJ Kids.

Part 2: Surviving Two INTJ kids: Please, Someone Help Us! Sincerely, AN INFJ and An (E/I) NTP Parent

Last week, I interviewed my INFJ mom on her thoughts about raising 2 INTJ kids. This week, the spotlight is on my E/I NTP dad, which is, incidentally, just the way he likes it. As a quick side note, my dad is an ambivert, which means that some days he

Tying Mother with a Rope. Photo Credit: Darrin Klimek. Published in Surviving Two INTJ Kids: Perspectives from the Other Side.

Surviving Two INTJ Kids: Perspectives From the Other Side

Surviving Two INTJ kids: Please, Someone Help Us! Sincerely, AN INFJ and An (E/I) NTP Parent Is it nature, nurture, or some combination of the two that makes up who we are? How does nurture influence our cognition style? It’s impossible to say; but it would be impossible to disqualify

Photo Credit: Rich Vintage - 161312789. Published in Discussing INTJ Paradoxes, part 2.

Discussing INTJ Paradoxes Part 1: Socratic Paradox

Today I want to go deeper into the idea of paradoxes and discuss a common INTJ paradox: knowledgeable, but insecure. In fact, this paradox has a name, it’s called the Socratic Paradox. The Greek philosopher Plato credited his teacher Socrates as having said, “All that I know is that I

The INTJ Mastermind Series, Part Two. Photo Credit: Yuri Arcurs - 465609189. Published by

The INTJ Mastermind Series Part 2: Mastering the Mind, Section 2

The Three Disciplines of INTJ Mastermind Mastery Mastering your INTJ cognition is not something that happens overnight. Mastermind Mastery is not a product that can be bought through an infomercial. There is no one size fits all INTJ mindset – despite shared cognitive tendencies. There are, however, certain practices, disciplines,

Why Shopping at Sephora Makes me Want to Cry: Part 3

If you missed the first and second part of this three-part series, be sure to check those out here and here. Today we will complete our case study of Sephora by discussing how the extroverted thinking plays into the overall shopping experience at Sephora. Why is Shopping at Sephora Difficult

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