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INTJ Music Playlist #20: Paradoxical Love

INTJ Music Playlist #20: Paradoxical Love

It’s February and love is in the air, or, for all the single ladies, in our thoughts. Relationships can be taxing for the introverted INTJ, which is why they are careful in choosing to whom they will give their affection. When we care, we truly care. Romantic love, however, can be complicated, and whether we want to admit it or not, Valentine’s Day can stir up negative feelings toward romance when you’re not part of a couple. Whether you’re sporting a pair of so-in-love-rose-tinted glasses or breathing in the anti-cupid spray, we’ve got a playlist that’s just as complicated as the spectrum of feelings on romance. Scroll for the music or click here for the full playlist.

Flesh Without Blood – Grimes

Sometimes you’re ready to move on, but he won’t let go.

Don’t Kill my Vibe – Sigrid

Independent girls know what’s up. Don’t kill the vibe.

IDGAF – Dua Lipa

He made bad decisions, but wants to hang on? Ha! See ya! Oh, and don’t expect tears. INTJs cut their losses and move on.

Bad At Love – Halsey

Too many INTJs feel like they’re bad at love.  But if you listen to the lyrics, they’re just falling for ENTPs. Just kidding.

Love So Soft – Kelly Clarkson

I’ve said it before, INTJ girls are guarded about love.

Halo – Beyoncé

INTJs might have a lot of walls, but when the right one comes along, it will seem like heaven.

Death of a Bachelor – Panic at the Disco

Once he wins you over it’s time for the bachelor to die.

Naked – Avril Lavigne

The journey to love is about finding that person who accepts you through all of the changes and challenges of life.

Deadly Valentine – Charlotte Gainsbourg

Meant to convey the lifelong commitment marriage can represent. Til death do you part.

Immortal – Marina and the Diamonds

When love is good, you want it to be forever.

Full playlist here:

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