Photo Credit: Becca Tapert - Always Uttori Hotties of Instagram 2018 Rules.

Always Uttori Hotties of Instagram 2018 Rules

Photo Credit: Becca Tapert - Always Uttori Hotties of Instagram 2018 Rules.
Photo Credit: Becca Tapert –
Always Uttori Hotties of Instagram 2018 Rules

Our readers are looking for a hero. No, I don’t mean a guy who dons a red cape, rides a white stallion, and rescues damsels in distress. I’m talking about a guy who takes the time to understand them; a guy who doesn’t have to be the center of attention, a guy who has patience for guardedness, who accepts the imperfections of paradox; a guy who is not threatened by, and who respects, independence. A true hero is competent, reflective, committed, and intelligent. If that’s you, let us share your story and your Instagram through our 2018 Always Uttori Instagram Hotties Promotion. We will be selecting up to 8 Instagrams to highlight during the month of February, yours could be one of them. Want to find out how? Keep reading. Non-heroes need not apply.

Always Uttori Hotties of Instagram 2018 Rules

  1. To have the chance for your Instagram to be selected, please comment on our Instagram posts through January 31st with the hashtag: #AUinstagramhottie.
  2. If you are selected, you must follow the Always Uttori Instagram account, as well as the other hotties who are selected. Beyond just following, offer them congratulations on being selected, and when their Instagram is highlighted, make a supportive comment. Always Uttori is all about supporting the talents of creative individuals. We want encourage that attitude in the digital world as well.
  3. Your Instagram cannot promote drugs (not even marijuana), violence, or sexuality (no sexually explicit pictures, no exploitative photos, etc). Always Uttori is about respecting women, health and fitness, and your Instagram should reflect this attitude.
  4. Your blog should show your Instagram focus: fitness, food, fashion, health, art, photography, etc.
  5. For the blog post, we will send a questionnaire asking you 5 – 10 humorous questions (don’t worry, we won’t ask for bank account details). You must be willing to fill out the questionnaire. It would be great if you know your Myers Briggs Type. You can take the test HERE: Note: Always Uttori is in no way affiliated with 16 Personalities, and does not warrant the quality of their test, nor do we require that you take the test to enter our contest.
  6. You must be willing to submit a photo of yourself for our post and for us to promote your Instagram on social media. Please choose a photo that shows your features and has good lighting. Submitting a bad, or unclear photo may result in your not being chosen.
  7. Your photo and Instagram will be shared on our blog, and on our social media.
  8. Your Instagram account should be at a minimum 6 months old, and should also be active, with at least one post a week.
  9. You don’t have to be single, but the focus on your blog should be on your talents and endeavors, not your relationship with your significant other.
  10. By participating in this promotion, you agree to give Always Uttori the right to use your submitted image for the purpose of promoting your Instagram on our blog and social media sites, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumbler, and Google + for the period of one year. We will use the photo at the time of the posting, and to promote our next Instagram search. Always Uttori is a limited liability publishing company. By participating in this promotion, you acknowledge that per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are     21 + years of age, and they release Instagram and Always Uttori LLC of responsibility, including any loss that might arise from your photo being published on the Always Uttori website and social media. Additionally, participants agree to Instagram’s Terms of Use, and Always Uttori’s Terms of Service. There is no purchase necessary to enter this contest. Participation in this contest is void where prohibited by law.
  11. Finally, as per FTC Rules, if you post information about this contest/promotion on your Instagram or social media, you must state that your posting is a promotion for Always Uttori, for the purpose of full disclosure to your audience.

Thanks, and we look forward to learning about some really great Instagrams.

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