Culture Files: Hong Kong Street Art

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HK Art 174422-01-01. Photo Credit: Culture Files: Hong Kong Street Art.

Culture Files: Hong Kong Street Art Living in Hong Kong leaves a different impression than simply visiting for a few days. Unfortunately, I never got to experience Hong Kong as a bona-fide tourist because I’ve had to balance touristy things with school. In some ways, I feel like I know a side of Hong Kong tourists don’t get to see. … Read More

Always Uttori Spooky Book Review: Phasma

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Phasma (Star Wars): Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Delilah S. Dawson. Always Uttori Spooky Book Review: Phasma.

Happy Tuesday, my bookish friends. Although we share a reading list each month, it has been some time since I’ve done a full book review. In the spirit of our Subtleween celebration, and Monday’s highlight of the character Phasma from Star Wars, I couldn’t resist talking about the eponymously titled book by Delilah S. Dawson. Released on September 1st, 2017, … Read More

Eating Hong Kong 2: Good Eats

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Hong Kong is known for its many outstanding restaurants. As I, like many of your, prepare to return to my studies, one of the things that I’m most looking forward to is all of the great restaurants that I will be able to enjoy once I’m back in Hong Kong.  The best way to eat in Hong Kong is by district, … Read More

Dog Days of Summer Reading list

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Dog Reading. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Aldridge - 107056592. Dog Days of Summer Reading List.

Happy Tuesday! Today we’re talking last minute reading with our dog days of summer reading list. Battlefront II: Inferno Squad As a Star Wars nerd, I like to keep up with the expanded universe stories. Inferno Squad ties in with an upcoming video game, Battlefront II, and was just released on July 25th. While I haven’t read it yet, it’s … Read More

5 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

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Summer. Photo Credit: Caiaimage/Sam Edwards - 513439171. 5 Things To Do Before Summer Ends.

It’s August, and that means summer is coming to an end. There are still a few weeks left, so let’s talk 5 things to do before summer ends. Go to the farmer’s market In my opinion, farmers markets are one of the best things about summer.  There’s still time to head to your local farmers market, or even the supermarket, … Read More