New Classic: Off-Shoulder, Always Uttori. Always

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New Classic: Off-Shoulder, Always Uttori. Always

New Classic

From On Trend to New Classic The off-shoulder blouse is what Always Uttori calls a new classic. Because INTJ females are so value conscious, we don’t want to buy things that can only be worn a single season. I first saw this style of blouse on a Korean drama. It

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Modern Art: An INTJ Actually Bought This

I have a confession. I don’t actually buy most of my clothes. If you’ve read the Elusive Fashion Habits series, then you’ll know that shopping can be hard for an INTJ. Truthfully, if it were left up to me, I probably wouldn’t have many clothes at all (unless I could

Dots and Stripes Forever.

Dots and Stripes Forever

I love a good stripe pattern. I’m not sure how other INTJs feel about patterns on clothing, but for this INTJ, stripes help me break away from my tendency to buy black and only black. It’s still a black line, right? Notice how the shirt has thin lines and the

Girl in black knit dress, mini-length

Paradox 1: About that Victorian Vamp Life

Paradox 1: About that Victorian Vamp Life This week, I’m sharing two ASPIRE looks. The two looks symbolize the paradoxical nature of certain MBTI types. If you’ve been in the MBTI community long enough, you’ll have seen posts about type contradictions or paradoxes. The two most common INTJ paradoxes that I’ve seen

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