Dots and Stripes Forever.

Dots and Stripes Forever

Spatial Planes. Stripes and Polka Dots.

I love a good stripe pattern. I’m not sure how other INTJs feel about patterns on clothing, but for this INTJ, stripes help me break away from my tendency to buy black and only black. It’s still a black line, right? Notice how the shirt has thin lines and the shorts have thicker lines. There’s got to be a fashion rule somewhere for that. My photographer wasn’t sure about the pattern mixing at first, but my (N) appreciates the minimalism combined with the negative space created by the lines. And who doesn’t love the way the outfit goes all mad fashion scientist with the addition of the Kate Spade Keds?  Or, maybe it’s just an INTJ female whose introverted intuition whipped up something wicked cool. When I break away from neutrals, I’m a nerd for patterns. For me, pattern matching can be hard, though. I’m not a whiz at it by any means, so I’ll stick to my color and stripe matching basics. This particular outfit, unlike many of the others shown here, was spur of the moment outfit. See, we INTJs can be spontaneous, and in this case, that spontaneity led me to discover a new go to outfit.

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: Free People

Shoes: Kate Spade Keds

Sunglasses: My Dad’s

Stripes and polka dots.





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  1. Patricia Wafer says:

    I love your Dots and Strips Forever page. and the location for your photo’s not bad either! 😀

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