Tar Beach Fashion

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Tar Beach Summer Fashion “Sleeping on Tar Beach was magical. Laying on the roof in the night with stars and skyscraper buildings all around me made me feel rich, like I owned all that I could see. The bridge was my most prized possession.” ~ Tar Beach, Faith Ringgold Finding Tar Beach Imagine a warm spring night. You sit outside … Read More

8 Shows to Add to your Summer Netflix and Chill List

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Outdoor Movie. Photo Credit: Svetikd.

Summer really stands for live on Netflix and binge watch all the shows, right? Well, those of us that know no moderation when it comes to Netflix sometimes cry in front of the screen begging them to just release the next season of… (insert favorite show here) already. You shouldn’t have to waste time searching the digital archives of Netflix’s streaming services, that’s why we have your summer Netflix and chill list right here. I’ve personally binged on all of these and hope my humble opinion will help you find your next show to cry over, or at least to check daily to see when the Netflix gods will add more.

Dog Days of Summer Reading list

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Dog Reading. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Aldridge - 107056592. gettyimages.com. Dog Days of Summer Reading List. Alwaysuttori.com

Happy Tuesday! Today we’re talking last minute reading with our dog days of summer reading list. Battlefront II: Inferno Squad As a Star Wars nerd, I like to keep up with the expanded universe stories. Inferno Squad ties in with an upcoming video game, Battlefront II, and was just released on July 25th. While I haven’t read it yet, it’s … Read More