New Classic: Off-Shoulder, Always Uttori. Always

New Classic

New Classic: Off-Shoulder, Always Uttori. Always

From On Trend to New Classic

The off-shoulder blouse is what Always Uttori calls a new classic. Because INTJ females are so value conscious, we don’t want to buy things that can only be worn a single season. I first saw this style of blouse on a Korean drama. It got my attention immediately. When it showed up on a few fashion blogs here in the states I thought maybe, just maybe, it will stick around. After reading the recent Google Fashion Report, I feel pretty confident in featuring this on-trend, off-the-shoulder style as a new classic. In particular, the blue and white stripes really add to the classic look of the blouse, so it wins on a lot of subtle points.

Buyer Beware

Although, I really like this style, I’m still not willing to pay the sometimes exorbitant prices I’ve seen for it – $80.00 and up from some brands, which is crazy. I purchased this from Amazon for around $16.00 (not sponsored, though I’ll probably become an affiliate at some point).  I did have some concerns. It can be hit and miss when purchasing clothes from Amazon. Plus, many of the reviewers said that it was tight around the shoulders. I haven’t experienced any problems, and I’ve worn it several times already.  As for seasonality, this is an outfit that works for spring, summer, and early fall. It has already gotten cooler where I live, so I’ll probably wear it through September and then put it away.

Why It’s Uttori

Uttori is the Japanese word that means, enchanting. It’s gwiyeopda, or cute, in Korean (since I first saw the style in a Korean drama, I have to give props). This top is uttori for the following reasons:

  • It can be worn in many different contexts and still be appropriate.
  • It’s wash and go, a few wrinkles don’t ruin the look.
  • The neutral blue and white means that you don’t have to work too hard to match it with something you already own.
  • It’s on trend, but the trend is not going anywhere soon. So, if you don’t spend too much, it’s not just a value, it’s a steal.
  • With the sleeve ends, you get enough quirkiness to make it fashionably INTJ.

One final note. I decided to get a little INTJ crafty by making my own choker necklace. Chokers are also on trend. The post for the choker comes out this Friday, September 16.

Shirt: Joeoy
Shorts: DKNY
Shoes:  Qupid
Choker: DIY

New Classic: Off-Shoulder, Always Uttori. Always

New Classic: off-shoulder

Photography // Mechelle Avey
Fashion Styling and Model // I’mari Avey, Always Uttori


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  1. Patricia Wafer says:

    This outfit is WAAAY COOL!! I like the neck piece as well.

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