Male vs. Female INTJ: Part 3, Thinking and Feeling

Over the past month, we’ve discussed the differences between male and female INTJ introversion and intuition. Today, we will discuss both the thinking and feeling functions of INTJ cognition. Honestly, we all know the general consensus on this states that women are emotional and irrational, and men are logical and unfeeling. This idea continues, despite [...]

Male versus Female INTJ: Part 2, Intuition

Two weeks ago, we began discussing the differences between male and female INTJs, starting with the discussion of introversion in men and women. Today's post continues to examine intuition and how this function is both expressed and viewed through the lens of gender.  For rationals, it's easy to dismiss intuition as a function in cognition because [...]

Male vs Female INTJ: Part 1

This blog often focuses on the commonalities that occur in the INTJ cognition style. However, after analyzing the traits that I share with my INTJ sibling in The Joys and Tribulations of Being INTJ Siblings series, I couldn’t help but wonder if some of the differences in the ways that we express our cognition style are due to [...]

2 INTJs Play Video Games

I'm a data geek. I love to collect information about, well, anything. So, for purely academic reasons, I googled INTJs and video games. The results were both surprising and humorous with search results including: “Are video games INTJ Kryptonite?” And, “My INTJ boyfriend never goes out (he wants to play video games).” INTJs, as a cognitive [...]