Anti-Romance Fashion: Girl Warrior

ANTI-ROMANCE FASHION: GIRL WARRIOR We are coming to an end to our February "love" fest, so I thought that the final anti-romance fashion, girl warrior, should reflect INTJ girl power. The INTJ female fashion sense is equal parts edgy and quirky, with a big dose of bad ass; but then, we are masterminds. In our [...]

Introvert Love: Anti-Romance Fashion look 3, Paint it Black

Now that you’ve won the parents over with Monday’s super sweet look (where we talked about loving the INTJ paradoxical girl), you can put that functional costume back in the closet, and return to letting your true INTJ shine. For this Quirky Girl Thursday, I'm wearing one of my favorite looks from last year. It's [...]

Introvert Fashion: Cozy Couture Look 4

Introvert Fashion: Cozy Couture Look 4 Introvert fashion cozy couture look 4 is our final cozy couture. One of my favorite cozy couture staples, especially in the winter time, is the sweater. Not revolutionary, I know, but sometimes you can’t beat the classics. The best thing is, if your sweater is oversized (the best kind [...]

Introvert Life: Cozy Couture Look 3

Introvert Life: Cozy Couture Look 3 2017 is all about personalization (see the 2017 INTJ fashion trends report), so today’s introvert life cozy couture look 3 is one that I’ve personalized with a touch of Chanel. That’s right, this dress is actually a fairly cheap (and very comfortable) one from Zara, that I’ve couture-ified (not [...]

Introvert Life: What to Winter Wear 3

Today’s cozy couture dress isn’t made from terribly comfortable fabric, it’s linen; but something about the simplicity of the fabric and the shape of the dress makes me feel old timey and comfortable. While I am a fashion loving INTJ, I am also a comfort and casual loving INTJ. That’s why I wanted to highlight [...]

Introvert Life: What to Winter Wear, Look 2

Introvert Life: What to Winter Wear, Look 2 When you're living the introvert life, winter is a great time to explore the quirky side of the INTJ female's fashion style because we just don't get out as much. In the privacy of our homes, we can "winter wear" whatever the heck we want. That's why [...]