Spring Tonic- Ginger Shot Recipe. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey. Alwaysuttori.com

Spring Tonic: Immune Boosting Ginger Shot Recipe

Spring Tonic- Ginger Shot Recipe. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey. Alwaysuttori.com

Although there are many things to look forward to with the advent of spring, the changing of the seasons can bring with it a few  less pleasant features, such as a stressed immune system, which can lead to colds, and a general feeling of malaise. There’s nothing worse than coming down with something just as things are warming up and you want to be out enjoying the sun.

Luckily, a healthy, immune-boosting diet full of fresh whole fruits and vegetables, can keep your immune system healthy and strong during the changing seasons. Of course, if you live in a cold-weather climate, access to truly fresh fruits and vegetables may be limited until later in the season. Or, maybe you’ve spent the winter eating a bunch of comfort foods like pizza, pizza, and more pizza.  While nothing can compete with a healthy diet and exercise for strengthening and maintaining your immune system, this spring tonic is a great for jump-starting your immune system, and helping you to avoid springtime colds. Spring is short. You don’t want to miss it due to illness. If you feel something coming on, or are already battling the sniffles; or, if you just want to make sure that your immune system is always healthy and strong, try this spring tonic. Hopefully, along with a bit of rest, it will help you feel better in no time.


2-4 inches Fresh Ginger Root

1 apple

½ c fresh Mango or Pineapple

½ c water

¼ c lemon juice


½ tsp turmeric root powder

½ tsp cinnamon

  1. Be sure to wash everything well. Use organic ingredients, especially if you will be juicing with the skin on. If you don’t have access to organic, peel the skin.
  2. In a blender (or juicer), place all ingredients inside and blend until there are no chunks, and it resembles a puree. Using a fine mesh sieve, pour the mixture though into a juice carafe. You can use a spoon to speed the process along.
  3. Discard left over pulp. (If using juicer, juice the apple, mango, and ginger, then add the other ingredients and stir).

There you have it, quick and easy. This ginger drink is full of anti-oxidants and vitamin C, so it will give you a real boost. Best of all it’s all natural and tastes delicious.

Spring Tonic- Ginger Shot Recipe. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey. Alwaysuttori.com

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