Big Ben, London, 2014. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. London Calling: 3 days in London, Always Uttori Travel Diaries.

INTJ Music Playlist #9: Wanderlust

Spring break is just around the corner, so what better time to get your travel playlist in order? I, myself, will be headed to Hong Kong to begin my MFA in fashion management. So what will I be listening on the fourteen hour flight? Well, I’ve got some great stories picked out, but I’ll also be jamming to the Always Uttori Wanderlust playlist. Whether you have fun travel plans this spring, or not, this playlist will get you in jet-setter mode.  Click here to listen to the full playlist, or scroll down.

Traveling, Utada

Traveling, by Japanese artist Utada, really captures the spirit of going on an adventure. As the translated lyrics demonstrate: Traveling, I roll down, traveling, the window .  .  . in “I’m not scared of anything” mode, traveling this place, traveling, will do. It’s all about how you feel. See full translation Here.

I Wish I Could go Traveling Again, Stacy Kent

This jazzy song says it all — the headaches, the fun, the longing of travel.

American Boy, Estelle

It’s never too late to plan your dream trip with that perfect foreign guy you’re gonna meet.

California Dreaming, The Mama’s and the Papa’s

This is an oldie, but a goody because of the tight harmonies. If you live in a cold weather climate as I do, you might be dreaming of warmer places. I’ve included the Sia version as well, as a bonus.

All Around the World, Cooler Kids

When I was a kid, I had this song. So that leads to the question, which came first, the song about wanderlust, or the wanderlust itself?

Have safe and fun travels this spring!

Full Playlist below.

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