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INTJ Music Playlist 23 – Upbeat Study Playlist

INTJ Music Playlist 23- Upbeat Study Playlist

It’s midway through September and that means that many of us have returned to school to hit those books. Finding the right music to use as a study aid can be as time-consuming as studying. In the past, I’ve shared classical study music, but while classical music has been shown to be effective in relieving stress, there are times the classics are just too soporific, with the risk of putting you to sleep. I’m sure I’m not alone in simply typing study music in the Youtube search bar, but with plenty of playlist options, it can be hard to find the right playlist. The INTJ Music Playlist 23 – Upbeat Study Playlist includes some of my favorite upbeat study tracks. I can’t promise an ‘A’, but music can certainly help. Good luck with your studies! Click here for the full playlist, or scroll for each song.

Voyage-Beyond – Electronic Gems

憂鬱- Sun – Electronic Gems

Space trip II – Retrowave Mix

Lusine – Just A Cloud

Shadows – Lindsey Stirling

We hope these songs help you get through long study sessions. Full playlist below!

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