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I duped a $200 Wreath | Spring Mother’s Day Wreath

I duped a $200 Wreath | Spring Mother’s Day Wreath

Spring is upon us, and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re in need of a spring refresh or a gift idea for Mother’s Day, look no further! This tulip wreath is a dupe of one from Frontgate. My mom has been eyeing the wreath for a few years, but since it cost $189, she could never bring herself to buy it. I thought it might be fun to try and dupe it, so here we are. You can watch my process in the video below, or keep reading for written instructions.

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14-inch Wire wreath form

Floral wire

Wire cutters

60 faux tulip flowers (Temu)

18 faux hydrangea heads (Temu)

2-3 faux hanging ivy (Temu)

4-6 faux leave branches + additional leaves for filling in gaps (Hobby Lobby)


  • Arrange 3-6 tulips and 1-2 leaves into a bundle. Secure with floral wire. Continue until all the tulips are in bundles of 3-6 tulips. If the tulips have long stems, trim the stems with a wire cutter.
  • With more floral wire, attach the first bundle to the wire wreath frame. Twist the wire around the frame so that the bundle is secure. Continue with the remaining bundles, arranging each bundle under the previously attached bundles, creating a layered effect. Make sure to not create large gaps. Continue until all the bundles are attached and reach about halfway around the wreath form.
  • Next use floral wire to layer two hydrangea heads on top of each other. Twist the wire to secure. Then add it to the opposite side of the wreath form. Wrap the wire around the wreath form until the hydrangea is well attached. Do this until the hydrangea come down the other side of the wreath.
  • Arrange the hanging ivy in between the bottom section of of the tulips, and secure with floral wire to the frame.
  • Cut the leave stems and create leaf bundles with floral wire, the same way as you made the tulip bundles. Fill in any gaps on the wreath the the leaf bundles, using floral wire to attach to the wreath form.
  • Fluff and arrange the flowers and leaves to your liking. Hang the wreath with a hook or wreath hanger.  

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