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Always Uttori: An INTJ Guide to the Hottest Guys on Instagram, Week 3

Hey, single ladies! It’s Week Three  of our February Eye Candy Celebration. We’ve made it past Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean the sweetness has to end. Since being single is not uncommon (According to a 2014 Pew Research study, the share of never married adults is at a record high in the U.S.), we should celebrate by giving ourselves the right to indulge in the admiration of the opposite gender (or, you know, whatever gender makes your heart beat a bit faster). This week’s feast for the eyes comes with a pair of eyes that could easily hypnotize you into falling for him. Beyond being one of the nice guys, our hot guy this week is also sensitive, funny, and community-oriented. Read on to get to know Always Uttori Stag Club member, Andy Whisney, aka @andylikesthings .

Andy Whisney
Andy Whisney
Get to Know Andy Whisney

Question: Introvert or Extravert
Answer:  Were you to ask me a year ago – introvert for sure. Now, though, I’d say I’m on the border of introvert and extravert. Taking Improv classes has helped a ton with that. Long answer longer – I’m happy to be an extravert when needed, but would much rather be an introvert.

Question: What’s Your MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)?
Answer: INFJ 

Question: What song on your playlist do you have on repeat?
Answer: Oh man – two for sure. 4EVER! by LANY and Wait For It by Leslie Odom Jr. from the Hamilton Soundtrack.

Question: Let’s talk about love. What’s your “getting to know her” approach style? Friends First And Forever (FFAF), or Love at First Sight (LAFS)?
Answer: I’ve never heard of either of those acronyms! My go-to is a bunch of random, fun questions. “Name 3 people – living or dead – to have dinner with. Where do you go?” “Favorite flower?” “First memory?” “Celebrity crushes?” – that kind of dorky stuff.

Question: When you go on a date, what’s your date style? Mystery, Action Adventure, or Romantic Comedy?
Answer: Depends on which date! 1st – Rom Com, 2nd – Action Adventure, 3rd – Mystery – probably in that order. Rom com is usually easy enough for both people. By date #2, you’ve got an idea with what he/she is into – or might be into. Date #3 – by now you’ve got a much better idea with what you can get away with so hopefully the mysteriousness of this date is a winner.

Question: Name a Guilty Pleasure.
Answer: Listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack on repeat since last February, pouring out my incoherent feelings on, or full-blown love for comic book movies because I cry when I watch their trailers. DON’T JUDGE ME!

Question: Single and Searching? Or Taken?
Answer: Liam Neeson’s daughter, aka TAKEN. All that said, I love me some networking.
Thanks for being a good sport, Andy. You may have broken a few hearts with that last answer, but at least you’ve given us a few pictures to ogle.  Want to ogle Andy a bit more? Follow his social media:

Instagram: @andylikesthings
Flickr: Andy Whisney
Web: Andy Likes Things

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