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Always Uttori’s 5 Fashion Obsessions

Here at Always Uttori, we try to share what I like to call, functional fashion, or fashion that serves a purpose — whether it be for work, school, summer, whatever. That means that while the fashion we highlight on the blog is fashion I personally like, it’s not necessarily what I love to wear. These are Always Uttori’s 5 fashion obsessions.

Patriot from head to toe. Photo Credit: Mecchelle Avey. Always Uttori’s 5 fashion Obsessions. Alwaysuttori.com

Shoes. I love ’em. Despite fashion being a motivation for the blog, I’m fine wearing whatever whatever. Not so when it comes to shoes. When it comes to a deep and enduring fashion love, it has always been shoes for me. I don’t know what it is about shoes that appeals to me, but shoes are the first fashion item I purchased for myself. Interestingly, this particular fashion obsession is passed down not from my mom, but from my dad, who is a shoe connoisseur. We geek out over shoes together. I prefer a flat shoes (combat style boots, classic converse, or a flat sandals) over heels. Classic, edgy, and quirky always win when it comes to  shoe choices.

Photo Credit: Port 1961 via vogue.com. INTJ Fashion Trends for 2017. Alwaysuttori.com
Pajamas – Photo Credit: Port 1961 via vogue.com

I’ll be honest, I might strike a pose in a pretty dress, but I live in pajamas, or at least a combination of athleisure and PJs. When I’m at home, I like to be comfortable. There are many days where I don’t leave the house at all, on those days, I spend most my time in PJs. It’s sort of an introvert thing, at least that’s what the myths say, but it’s also a practical thing. I only wish that those really cute pajama sets, you know the kind people always wear in old movies, weren’t so expensive.

1940’s era
The Modern Pin Up INTJ

One of my favorite fashion era’s is the 1940’s. Something that I didn’t realize until I did some research for my 40’s gal fashion post, is that a lot of the fashions that are popular today, including crop tops, bikinis, and wedge shoes, were invented in the 40’s. As they began to work in factories, pants for women became more mainstream. Shorts also became more popular. I admire the creativity that was achieved despite the restraints put on fashion and life during World War II. 40’s fashion is efficient and utilitarian, and has always appealed to my INTJ cognition for that reason.

Always Uttori Subtleween: BBC Sherlock.

INTJs are often called tomboys. I don’t dispute that. I played sports. I love football (American, though one of the sports I played was soccer (football). I like short hair, and went through a very heavy tomboy phase in terms of fashion when I was in Jr. high, wearing baseball caps, cargo pants, and plaid shirts.  I emerged from my tomboy phase with a love for menswear, though my taste now runs more sophisticated than cargo pants and plaid shirts. I love an oxford shirt, blazers, oxford shoes, and the way a male layers. While men don’t get as many fun types of clothes, they do have a lot of really cool clothes, and I want in. I’m also jealous of how much cooler men’s shoes tend to be. I’m glad to see the shift to more menswear inspired womenswear lately. Bring it on.

Drop crotch pants
Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Anti-Romance Fashion: Girl Warrior. Alwaysuttori.com
The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.

Drop crotch pants are probably my most quirky fashion obsession. I love a drop crotch pant. They aren’t necessarily flattering, but they are comfortable and hit both a quirky and edgy vibe that I like.

There you have it, one INTJ’s fashion obsessions. What about you? What are your fashion obsessions? Let me know in the comments below!

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