Always Uttori Fall-i-day Look 5: Rose-tinted fall. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.

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Always Uttori Fall-i-day Look 5: Rose-tinted fall. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.

Always Uttori Fall-i-day Look 4

Always Uttori Femme Dangels know that one of the main reasons I started this blog was because of this idea that introverts can’t be fashionable. While it may be an introvert’s ideal dream to stay in, read books, or watch Netflix all day in their PJs, oh, and play with

Photo Credit: Henrik Sorensen - 652278369. Discussing INTJ Paradoxes, part 1.

Discussing INTJ Paradoxes Part 2: Objective Emotive

Can Ya Dig? You know what they say about us. INTJs — they’re cynical. They’re unemotional. They’re savages robots – barely even human. They, whoever they are, post these statements on the internet and assume that because INTJs do not broadcast their emotions that we do not possess them. But,

The INTJ Mastermind Series, Part Two. Photo Credit: Andreas Kuehn - 626683519. Published by

The INTJ Mastermind Series Part 2: Mastering the Mind

Welcome back to the Always Uttori INTJ Mastermind Series, Part 2. If you missed part one, check it out here. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I often say that I’m no fan of stereotypes. However, a trait that can be applied to most INTJs is that, once you

Woman wearing artificial intelligence mask. Photo Credit: Colin Anderson - 543194867.

The INTJ Mastermind Series Part 1: The Mastermind Mindset

The INTJ Mastermind Series Part 1: The Mastermind Mindset According to Google, the word mastermind can be either a noun or a verb. It is defined as a person with outstanding intellect (noun); or, as a verb, the ability to plan and direct a complex scheme or enterprise. It should come

Male vs. Female INTJ. Photo Credit: Photo Alto | Eric Audras - 73973679.

Male vs. Female INTJ: Part 3, Thinking and Feeling

Over the past month, we’ve discussed the differences between male and female INTJ introversion and intuition. Today, we will discuss both the thinking and feeling functions of INTJ cognition. Honestly, we all know the general consensus on this states that women are emotional and irrational, and men are logical and

Building Customer Affinity Part 3: INTJ Affinity Factors

Over the past two weeks, we have discussed building customer affinity by utilizing a knowledge of Myers-Briggs typology. Last week, we briefly covered the eight cognitive functions and how targeted branding efforts, focused on meeting the needs of each function, can help to build deeper connections with customers. Today, we

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